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Teacher workload destroying family life?

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Giveatossagain Thu 14-Nov-13 20:27:46

I'm married to a secondary English teacher (large comp, Upper pay spine but no management responsibilities just a regular classroom teacher and year group tutor) and I hate hate hate his job.

We have no evenings together - he marks after putting our kids to bed and having quick supper in front of TV til about 12/1 sun - Thurs and some sun afternoons. Hols and half terms involve me buying childcare or taking time off so he can work, he's rarely home before 7pm and thus 90% of childcare and chores fall to me. In the holidays he has the kids more but then claims he needs time off to relax so household stuff remains undone.

Is this normal? I can't face another 20 years as a widow to the marking.

Would love to know if anyone else's marriage has failed/hit the rocks because of teaching... Or am I just a heartless cow (I have typed up plenty of worksheets, done coursework cover sheets, helped write reports, spent Sundays ferrying him around to round up coursework from slack pupils etc etc over the years)?


Jenniferlh Tue 11-Feb-14 22:33:50

You could be describing me there. I too am I teacher whorls all hours. I would rather spend time relaxing with my husband but don't know how to complete work to a good enough standard and relax. I work 55 plus hours a week and still am never on top of things. There is a lot of pressure in teaching and a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. I doubt he's purposefully not engaging Nd like me prob doesn't know how to fix his work life balance

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