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Completed Primary PGCE July, DC3 born Aug. How long to have off?

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AnotherTeacherMum Sat 09-Nov-13 21:38:47


I'm hoping for some views on what to do next.

I started my PGCE Sep 2012 and had a huge surprise in Dec when I found out I was pg with dc3 (dc1 is age 6 and dd is 5). Truthfully, if I had known that I was going to have another baby I would have left it a few years before I undertook the PGCE. However as I had started and the course was going well I decided to continue. Both of my major teaching placements went well and I got a 'good' grading overall when I graduated in July.

I have been off since and am hoping to start some day to day supply on a p/t basis after the Feb half term. I then intend to apply to any p/t perm or fixed term jobs for Sep 2014 onwards. I am reluctant to look for full time at this point, partly to reduce pressure on family life, but also because I would be gutted if I ended up being a rubbish teacher because I just didn't have the time/ energy needed to do a good job.

I am worried about how much potential employers will be put off by the fact that I have had 6 months off straight after qualifying, and even more so once they realise it's because I have just had a baby.

I guess I'm wondering if this is a realistic career path... I'm based in the North West so perhaps not as many jobs about as other areas.

Any advice appreciated... thanks.

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