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Student addicted to computer games

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gloucestergirl Sat 19-Oct-13 21:01:24

Does anyone have any advice about dealing with a student who is addicted to gaming?

A 15 year old boy in my tutor group has identified himself as being addicted. He plays all the time, falls asleep in class and is probably going to fail in a lot of subjects (outside the UK and continuous assessment). His mother locks away his computer leading to rage outbursts.

We had a meeting with his mother and it was agreed that he should only game on friday evenings and saturdays and make steps to improving his grades. I don't feel that cutting down will work, only stopping completely.

Cynderella Sat 19-Oct-13 21:51:55

Well, it's a parenting issue, isn't it? It's something that should have been brought under control before it became an 'addiction'. At the age of fifteen, it should still be parents who have last word on these things but if it's gone that far, it's likely that this isn't the case. Of course, mother can take away the computer (I used to take our router upstairs when my own 'addict' was younger) but that won't make him study.

Reasoned negotiation is the way to go but unless mother takes control. he will just become more devious. We used to have homework time and computer time (guess which came first) and I used a software programme to restrict access but we're way past that now with smartphones.

Gaming at restricted times sounds like a plan but it'll only work if the boy wants to do better in school. If it's only you and parents who want this, i can't see that or completely stopping will make any difference.

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