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Tell me what's good and bad about being a teacher...

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Repeatedlydoingthetwist Tue 24-Sep-13 22:29:01

....and how you go about becoming one. Please.

I've been considering a change in career but would like some opinions on the job as I fear I'm looking through rose tinted specs at the moment! And I would also be interested to hear how you all got into it? I graduated 10 years ago with a third in a useless subject so not sure how I'd go about it?

All advice and opinions gratefully received!

bronya Tue 15-Oct-13 18:22:16

Used to be an amazing job. Long hours in term time, but the children made getting up every day worthwhile. It was fantastic watching them grow as people and in their achievements every single day. You could look back on each year knowing you'd made a difference.

Now it doesn't seem like it's all about the children any more. They aren't real people, they're data. There's no time to grow them as people, as members of society, to really get to know them. It's all about ticking boxes.

I taught Year 6 for years - children used to come back to our school fair year after year to tell me how they were doing, what GCSE choices they'd made, what college they were going to. I knew each and every child as individuals and made sure I made a difference to their lives - be it purely academic or social/emotional as well. I tried to encourage children's dreams, to make them believe they could go to college one day if they worked hard even if no-one in their family had ever finished school. I taught children to read and watched the joy of discovery in their eyes. I wrote what needed to be written on their work, and sometimes just wrote 'Excellent' and didn't correct the spellings, so they knew they'd done really well.

Now I couldn't do that. I wouldn't recommend the job as it is now. Once, it was the best job ever!

SilverApples Tue 15-Oct-13 18:24:46

Yes, bronya.
I was just thinking that I wish I'd started teaching 10 years earlier, then I'd be done by now. It used to be a wonderful job.

chibi Tue 15-Oct-13 18:30:24

the actual job is great- whatever bad bits there can be really do get lost in all the good (for me, anyway)

the only real downside is when people are negative about teachers, teaching, and our education system- it seems a lot of people hold us beneath contempt. i always think that's weird, they are perfectly happy to give care of their kids to us for 6 hours a day hmm grin

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