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How would you feel about this?

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Lara2 Fri 20-Sep-13 19:20:03

I'll try not to drip feed.
Basically, mother of child who was in my class last year was a total PITA. Her son really needed to go to our Nurture Group, but she absolutely refused. Fair enough, her call. She decided he was a genius ( he was bright, but nothing approaching G&T), continually said we weren't catering for his needs, made appointments to discuss the issue with HT and continually not turning up. She finished the year by slagging me, the school etc very public ally on Facebook and writing a poisonous letter to the HT, and chair of Govs accusing me of all sorts of outrageous things. She actually attended the appointment to discuss that. She was politely listened to and politely told that she was being just a tad unreasonable. To make matters worse, her mother works at school (and is one of my LSA's this year - oh joy! Nothing like complicating things!). Also the mother ( not the LSA) had been accepted to do her teacher training starting this September. HT and Govs supported and defended me - no quibble about that.
BUT the last 2 weeks, this same mother has been in Year 2 observing in preparation for starting her degree. Se has been welcomed into the staff room etc. I am so pissed off about it! After all she said and did last year, I feel that being allowed into school and our staff room is basically saying it's OK to act like a total bitch towards teachers (there has never been a glimmer of an apology) yet you can still come in and sit in the staff room and make me feel very uncomfortable!
I've never been less than professional when dealing with her, but FFS why has she been welcomed in as if nothing has happened? It feels like a slap in the face!!!

loopybear Sat 21-Sep-13 20:14:58

I understand exactly how you feel. I had a similar situation with parent becoming a student in placement (las course) I told my line manager whose advice was to take the morale high ground. She mentioned it to head who was very apologetic. (Hadn't crossed her mind) . She put into place that students and parent volunteers had breaks in our community kitchen because occasionally staff discussed confidential matters at break time.

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