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where would i stand?

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Gemziewooo Sun 15-Sep-13 08:03:19

Hi i have just started a new course in september. Nothing to do with work its aa course i eventually want to build a career from. However last week there was a staff meeting at work. I have never had to attend them before until last week when the manager said that the cook (me), and cleaner must start and attend meetings starting from last week. So i explained i couldn't go as its my first week at colleg. So the manager did say that was ok, but tried to make it clear i must attend in future. I asked if she would be able do it on any other nights apart from the the 2 nights am at college and she said no. Bearing in mind we dontvget paid for the meetings and they are out of work times. I am not missing out on college for that, but where would i stand if i refuse to go. She could state its in the contract of employment u must attend staff meetings, however after 5 months of working there i still dont have a contract??? Can she sack me or give me a disiplinary. Just want to prepare myself

I think you might be better off posting in legal. It's mostly teachers on this board and (with all respect to other posters) we probably don't know much about legal issues.

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