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Interpreting EYFS data for Y1

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OldRoan Sat 07-Sep-13 18:29:50

I had outline plans for my literacy and numeracy lessons for next week sorted, but was given my class data the other day and had a quick scan of it. I'm now trying to check my plans are appropriate, and the data the school have provided me with is really confusing me now I'm properly looking at it.

The EYFS information for literacy is combined for reading and writing, and numeracy is combined for number/shape and space. Both are out of a possible 6 (marks? Years?). I assumed they relate to the outcome bands of the EYFS profile (emerging, expected, achieving, as I understand it). Does this sound plausible?

I'm kicking myself for not checking at school but the ks1 manager dashed off to a meeting before school ended on Friday. I will check on Monday, but I wondered if anyone on MN would be able to help in the meantime.

I've also seen in the EYFS handbook that Y1 teachers should have training on EYFS assessment, but nothing has been mentioned. I'm an NQT - not sure if that is relevant or not.

Littlefish Sat 07-Sep-13 18:51:08

3 is exceeding
2 is expected
1 is emerging

You should have seperate scores for reading, writing, number, shape and space.

OldRoan Sat 07-Sep-13 18:55:30

Thank you!

Each child is in a column according to their combined score, but this is then broken down (so Child X is in 0-2, and score shown as 1 1). The only thing missing is guidance as to which number relates to reading/writing/number/shape and space.

At least I haven't got it totally wrong though, thanks.

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