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Moving to England from Scotland as a Primary Teacher. Where to start?

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barmybunting Fri 06-Sep-13 18:52:03


We are due to move from Scotland to Lincolnshire in a couple of months. I completed my training as a primary teacher in Scotland a few years ago, and have taught here since. I have no experience of the English system at all, having only lived in Scotland and abroad.

Can anyone help please? I've hunted around but am feeling rather clueless...

- any tips on what I should start to look at to get a better idea of the English curriculum?
- is supply teaching only available via an agency in England? How does it work? (it's all done by the council in Scotland).

Any other info/tips on where to start. I am not looking forward to trying to make this move!


toomuchicecream Sun 08-Sep-13 10:23:14

Schools can employ supply teachers direct or go via an agency. My school has chosen to only use an agency (although it costs more) because the paperwork is easier (so no cost of admin time etc).

The new/proposed National Curriculum would probably be the best place to start, rather than looking at the current stuff which will be out of date very soon. There have been links on TES from helpful people who've put together overviews of the new curriculum which would be worth hunting down.

All I know about Lincolnshire is that a lot of it is very rural so I would assume a lot of small schools with mixed age classes, and (I think) there are a lot of Portuguese vegetable pickers so more EAL children than you might expect. Apologies to anyone from Lincolnshire if I've made wrong assumptions there.

Where in Lincolnshire would you be moving to?

barmybunting Mon 09-Sep-13 20:58:20

Thank you, that is helpful. The agency thing confuses me no end, so I think I need to just phone a couple of schools and ask which one they use - they can only tell me to go away if they prefer not to have that conversation I guess.

Where in Lincolnshire is a good question - we are moving due to DH's job (military) so it could be one of a number of places, we just know it is one of a couple of bases there, so where remains to be seen in the next few weeks - it depends where we end up with a house.

The rural aspect makes sense, the schools I have looked at look much smaller than I am used to so mixed age makes sense.

Thanks for your help.

Sal07 Fri 25-Jul-14 23:11:48

Hi there, have you found anywhere yet? As my grandparent house is up for sale in Martin Lincolnshire it's such a beautiful house it's detached and set back of the road with lots of space it's a 4 bed house perfect family home to, it's near the local primary school too which has a very good reputation smile if you want to no anymore please feel free to ask :D

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