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Calling experienced form tutors

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LittleEsme Thu 05-Sep-13 22:14:34

I'm having the same form group as last year. One of the lads has been slipping further and further into trouble for the last two years. He's in Y9. I like the lad, but he constantly gets thrown out of his lessons for insolent, disruptive and ignorant behaviour. No teacher can get through to him. He has changed hugely since primary apparently.

This term is a chance for him to improve, or he's out. I try to support him and always try to dig below the surface. So far, he's told me that he hates his father. Hates him with a passion. Turns out his Dad is ill and highly medicated so cannot be a dad to this boy.

I really want to help this lad, before we lose him to another school or unit. The HoY is aware if home issues but everyone is fed up of giving this lade chances.

What would you do? I really want to support him and somehow help him. I know this can only happen if the lad is willing, but he's not a bad lad. I just see that he's a bit lost and I really want to help.

MatchsticksForMyEyes Fri 06-Sep-13 12:35:09

Is there anything you could get him to channel his feelings/energies into? Art or music perhaps? Maybe that would give him an emotional outlet.

SDhopeful Fri 06-Sep-13 18:46:42

Scouts? I know it may sound cheesy, but around here it has been a 'proper' family to a couple of boys who had probs at home.

RegainingUnconsciousness Fri 06-Sep-13 18:49:31

If his dad is ill would it qualify him for involvement with Young Carers? They might be able to do something of benefit.

mineofuselessinformation Fri 06-Sep-13 18:53:21

OP, I really admire that you want to help him. Keep on other people's cases about him. Is there a counsellor at your school? I think your year leader would need to refer him. If you can help him yourself too, that's great. Maybe look for interests that would take him out of himself like a pp said.
.... But be cautious too. As is often said on here, never give more of yourself than you can afford. Situations like this can be very emotionally draining and you shouldn't be trying to carry the load alone.

LittleEsme Tue 10-Sep-13 22:41:17

Update- kid has gone. Been excluded and I'm gutted. I think we've let him down and the conversation I had with one of the Dep's didnt go too well. Thanks to all of you for your input.


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