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I need advice about encouraging attendance and punctuality in 11-18 year old students

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LuvMyBoyz Fri 02-Aug-13 21:49:36

Shed load!

LuvMyBoyz Fri 02-Aug-13 21:48:48

This is a hard one and is personal to the school. My school does a shed lad of stuff. Most pupils are fine: supportive families, good work ethos etc. And then there are parents who are a challenged as their children! We have rewards (trip to a theme park for the best forms as well as individual rewards for over 95% attendance) and sanctions (detentions, meetings with parents). Our most effective system is the parent-liaison mentors who actually find out what's going on in the family and say that it actually doesn't matter...the young person HAS to attend school while also trying to help. These people love their jobs and have my respect (I am the SENCO).

SarahAndFuck Fri 02-Aug-13 08:24:10

Just another bump smile

SarahAndFuck Thu 01-Aug-13 10:42:54

Bumping as I posted it very late last night smile

SarahAndFuck Thu 01-Aug-13 00:08:59

Have posted this in Chat for the traffic but also posting here.

I'm applying for a job in a school that involves a lot of work on the attendance and punctuality of students.

Part of the role is to help students aged between 11 to 18 to develop good attendance and punctuality through workshops and group and individual sessions.

It could also include developing an effective rewards system relating to attendance and punctuality.

And also working with the families of students to encourage better attendance/punctuality and getting them involved with their child/ren's education.

It all sounds really interesting to me and I'm hoping to make a good impression at the interview, so I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions on those issues.

If you work in a school, how do you encourage your students to attend regularly and punctually?

What sort of rewards system do you have in place, if you have one at all, and how well do you think it works?

Do you have any other systems in place to go alongside the reward system or to replace it?

And what sort of support do you get from/give to parents and families when trying to encourage them and their child/ren?

Is there one set way to encourage all students or do find one way more effective than another for younger and older children or boys and girls?

I would be very grateful for any advice, either here or by PM, that I could think over in advance of the interview and put something together to discuss with the school.


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