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Moving to Y6

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theluckiest Wed 17-Jul-13 20:31:07

Help! In my 3rd year of teaching and am moving from Y4 to Y6. Teaching the same group I taught in y4 so know the kids well. 'Met' them again today and it has put the wind up me somewhat. Think I was so focussed on finishing the year that I haven't given much thought to next. They are lovely but very lively so think ground rules will have to be extremely clear from the off.

The outgoing y6 teacher is amazing so I am aware that I have big shoes to fill. Am also starting to stress about workload. Have two primary aged DSs and am panicking already that I won't see them for pretty much the entire year!!

Any wise words to help / good advice?

partystress Wed 17-Jul-13 20:51:06

Haven't done Y4, but have done Y5 for one year and Y6 for two: in many ways Y6 is easier. The end point is very clear, the children know this is the big year, parents are generally v supportive. The big plus for me is that the children are more mature. The ones about to leave us are such cool characters now, great sense of humour, decent taste in music - good fun to be with. Also, the received wisdom seems to be that schools put strong teachers in Y6, so take it as a pat on the back grin.

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