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Would you report your own school to Ofsted?

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secretteacher Thu 27-Jun-13 20:47:17

I don't mean for something very serious like safeguarding. But say they embellished or lied about something during an Ofsted inspection, would you report them? Is there anything Ofsted could do?

I've obviously name changed. SLT sorted through the staff surveys and removed some that were very damning of behaviour and also filled in at least 15 and added them to the box. This was witnessed by several staff.

I and other staff feel it was part of the reason the school scraped a 2 instead of a 3.

ninah Thu 27-Jun-13 22:06:57

If I was going to do something I'd have rung Ofsted at the time

ninah Thu 27-Jun-13 22:08:15

wonders if Ofsted would actually care ...

bico Thu 27-Jun-13 22:10:15

I can't see what they would do now. Why didn't you report it at the time?

runningonwillpower Thu 27-Jun-13 22:11:12

I thought it was all on-line these days.

Regardless, it is serious if genuine views are withheld.

neon9 Thu 27-Jun-13 22:12:03

Follow your heart secretteacher.
Too many people are led by other things.

secretteacher Fri 28-Jun-13 18:59:50

It wasn't me that saw it, but a friend. Initially they put something in writing in the box, but then took it out as there were only a few staff in there and didn't want to risk jobs etc.

But I keel thinking about it.

IHeartKingThistle Fri 28-Jun-13 19:03:21

That is outrageous.

But they wouldn't have scraped a 2 on that alone. To get a 2 under the new framework they need to see some outstanding features too (or so they told us!).

OFSTED don't care how teachers feel anyway.

zingally Sat 29-Jun-13 15:19:16

I wouldn't, unless I felt the children were in danger.

You're just making problems for yourself. A school with a "Good" is pretty much left on their own after that. A school with a "Requires Improvement" have the stress of Ofsted every 12 months or so, a LEA breathing down their necks and an SLT trying to pass the buck at every opportunity.

stargirl1701 Sat 29-Jun-13 15:22:11

No. OFSTED are not your friends. If you want to bring forward a grievance, then follow your LEA procedure.

katydid02 Sun 30-Jun-13 17:14:02

Unless it is a safeguarding issue, leave it. Unless you enjoy OFSTED inspections of course smile

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