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Crying about the thought of going to work tomorrow

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RequiresImprovement Thu 23-May-13 14:38:48

I am a PT teacher in a very challenging secondary school. I only started teaching there last september. I have had issues with behaviour management from the start, not helped by the fact that I have been given exclusively bottom sets to teach. I was told by everyone that the kids there like to push new staff, and push they most certainly have. Support from SMT is poor, staff moral as a whole is rock bottom and the head teacher is a bully. Because of a single poor observation I was put on a teacher intervention problem and seem to be being observed constantly. I take on board everything they tell me but it never seems to get any better. I feel completely dejected and my self confidence is destroyed. I am sitting here sobbing with my heart pounding out of my chest at the thought of going there tomorrow. I feel physically sick.

I am not a new teacher, I have taught successfully in challenging environments previously. Until I took this job I had had a successful career. I have resigned but the thought of working out my notice terrifies me. I need some coping strategies please xxx

manyhands Fri 27-Sep-13 07:26:42

I hope everyone on this thread is getting on okay. I had my morning's supply work and the school were very pleased with me and praised me to the agency. This has done my confidence the world of good and should hopefully lead to me being booked when more work comes in.

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