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How much unpaid work do you expect from admin staff

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FranksCat Sun 05-May-13 22:36:52

I know that it is a privilege to work in a school, and everyone gives more than their due. I need to regularly bring work home and part of me feels this isn't really on when one is at the bottom of the food chain (and paid accordingly) but the other half knows many people would rip my arms off for my job and I should simply see it as part of the deal.

HedgeHogGroup Mon 06-May-13 11:06:32

I expect more of my Business Manager (she's on a 'salary' as opposed to 'per hour') than I do of my admin assistants.
My BM is on the SLT and works really hard. She's enthusiastic and motivated (and just as sad as me - she checks her emails every day during the holidays).

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