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Literacy observation- having trouble picking a book!

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ChillinMarvin Sat 04-May-13 13:00:06

I'm a gtp student in reception. I'm being observed on Wednesday and I'm really hoping to get outstanding. At the minute our reception children's LI are something like 'using full stops, bullet points for list writing, rhyming (all depending on ability and what core text book we are using)

Anyhow I'm thinking along the lines of the HA to re write the ending of a story. Or make up another character for the story I've picked. But I'm finding it hard to find an exciting book that they haven't heard yet.. One which I can re tell in different voices/tones really get them drawn in before the actual 'lesson'.

Any ideas?

saadia Sat 04-May-13 15:08:55

Have you read Mr Wolf's Pancakes? We tried a similar thing, reading to just before the end and then the children had to think of an ending. It worked quite well. It would also work with adding a character as there are already familair characters in it. Good Luck.

ChillinMarvin Sat 04-May-13 16:31:34

Thanks, mr wolfs pancakes sounds like a good book, I just read about it. Also now wondering wether I should add a character.. Like a 4th pig in the 3 little pigs? Hmmm a lot to think about! Thank you for your advice.

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