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Under what circumstances would a Head be asked to leave?

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MyFunDay Wed 01-May-13 21:38:08

Our school turned into an Academy and since then we have been under a lot of scrutiny by the Academy. The atmosphere is tense to say the least.

Today, an emergency meeting was called in the morning. The Head announced that she was leaving, today. She was very upset and it was clear that she did not have much choice. She was gone by 10.30 am.

Understandably everyone is in shock. We were not given the reason behind the decisions.

I wonder what possible reason there could be? I have heard of one other head being marched off the premises for dubious use of funds but our Head was as straight as an arrow.

EvilTwins Thu 02-May-13 18:40:42

Have you heard any more? The previous head at my school went, along with the whole governing body, but that was a combination of factors and was done with enough notice to get a new head, not a march-off-the-premises job.

WelshMoth Fri 03-May-13 19:06:13

Is it a permanent move?
Sometimes, a Head could be asked to leave for something they've not done e.g. disclosing something about staff in a CP issue.

StrangeGlue Fri 03-May-13 19:21:16

It could be anything to be honest. When the academy conversion happens, particularly if it is a sponsored and under performing school, heads can be on v strict performance measures.

Or it could be fraud, safeguarding, attendance, improper behaviour etc etc

There's no way of knowing so try to keep your speculation here and not in the school.

missmapp Fri 03-May-13 19:27:21

Our head was forced to leave about a year ago- same as you- no notice. he didn't even get to say goodbye, here one day , gone the next. we had a super head drafted in for a year- which was stressful - and now have a new head and things are calmer.

I think our head went because he hadn't met targets and wasn't being seen as taken on county advice. we had had a satisfactory Ofsted and a dip in KS2 results. But , to be honest, we never really knew, it was just rumours.

Hope things sort them selve out soon, it is an uncertain time.

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