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I want to apply for a job at brand new school and want to change from secondary to primary - how do I approach, and CRB issues

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ernesttheBavarian Mon 29-Apr-13 14:52:49

A brand new english school is opening close to me in Germany. They need staff from top to bottom. I am a secondary MFL teacher, but I haven't spoken my MFL for years, so don't feel remotely able to teach that.

Since being SAHM for years, and having volunteered at my ds primary school, I would like to change to primary, but have no experience in this are (other that my 1 day a week volunteering)

Had wondered about applying to do a year as a teaching assistant, then gaining the experience, but would anyone be bothered to take me on this basis?

Or apply for ESL? (Not that I have Tefl qualifications?) What do I do?

Plus they ask if I am CRB checked. I must have been for when I taught in UK years ago, but I don't have a paper or anything to this effect. They say I have to send off this document. How do I get round that????.

LIZS Mon 29-Apr-13 15:34:41

CRB's don't exist anymore and you can't apply for its replacement, DBS, as an individual. Also not having lived in UK for so long kind of precludes access to that. There must be an acceptable alternative for those already resident. If you are a qualified teacher then you don't actually need any further qualification to be a TA.

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