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Anyone had a subject specific ofsted?

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Had the call today that we are having an English specific inspection. Has anyone had one and fancy sharing their experiences? It's only 24 weeks since our proper ofsted sad

HedgeHogGroup Fri 26-Apr-13 20:53:28

Are you primary? They're a bit of a pain and want to see everyone teach that subject during the day. They will 'grill' the subject leader & want them to know facts about attainment & progress in the subject.
They'll also look at books and expect to see high quality marking & feedback to the children.
They want to see subject leader's evidence of monitoring of books, planning & lessons.

There's a reason they give you a week's notice! The only thing in your favour is that its English & not something like music - at least the evidence will be there.
Good luck!

Thank you. I am bricking it as I'm the leader although not my specialism and don't cope well with interrogation.

We have attainment data and have identified G&T and poorer achievers with steps in place to support this. Previously identified underachievers have caught up.

I have recently looked at planning and begun acting on weaknesses. SMT have previously monitored this although the leadership is a joint position with SMT member so covered there. Also just done book scrutiny and SMT have carried out book scrutiny previously. Will put all this in file and action plan

SMT also carry out lesson obs. Subject leaders are not involved due to cover issues and pupils not coping well with change (ASD)

I think we should be ok as no problems at last inspection at end of Autumn term. Its just a case of getting everything together. I hope!

HedgeHogGroup Sat 27-Apr-13 09:04:10

If you want any documentation PM me and I'll se what we've got smile

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