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Switching from jobshare to single class teacher after maternity - help!

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zirca Tue 12-Mar-13 15:27:54

Have had to go back full time, as jobshare partner moved to a new school while I was on maternity leave. That's ok (money helps lol), but I haven't had my own class for four years, the year group I've been given is several years above, and in a different key stage (primary) to the one I've always taught and trained in, and obviously it's an adjustment figuring out how to balance life, child and work.

Been back a few weeks and am just starting to feel I've got the hang of the new year group (so pitching lessons better etc), but still a little way to go. Head is constantly checking up that everything is perfect, has v high expectations (which is usually a good thing), but there doesn't seem any leeway for getting the hang of things again/finding a routine, and I'm finding that very stressful. I'm doing the very best I can, on broken sleep, with a hysterically clingy baby most evenings, and with all the newness of it all - the children are making progress and are happy, lessons taught, marked, planning in place (incl for my PPA which is taught by a TA so I have to plan it). So - should it be easy to just slot in and get the hang of it and I'm just thick or something, or is she being unreasonable? Have already had a lesson observation (numeracy) which was 'good', so don't feel I can be doing such a bad job?

exoticfruits Wed 13-Mar-13 13:44:22

Don't be too hard on yourself-it is very hard to get back. When I did full time after a long gap I constantly felt 2 steps behind and then just as I was catching up there would be a staff meeting and something else was thrown in the mix! It is the nature of the job these days.
You should not have PPA taken by a TA-there is no point if you have to plan and mark-it is supposed to help and quite honestly it is simpler and less stressful to do it yourself! I did PPA on a supply basis and the teacher just told me what to cover-all planning and marking was done by me.
I could never have done it with a baby. Would you not have preferred another job share? I would look into your rights-I don't know much about it, but lots of teachers come back from maternity leave and have a job share.
You sound as if you are doing very well so far.

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