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How to prepare for interview / update on last 4 years?? (retrain?!)

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Shellington Sat 02-Feb-13 17:08:57

Thanks Pop have e-mailed a local school to volunteer to see what they say. Have an interview next week shock no idea how it will pan out, but worth a shot...!

PopMusic Fri 01-Feb-13 22:42:09

I think the idea of volunteering (as a TA type of person ) in a local school is a really good idea. Best way to get up to speed. Just make sure you get actual classroom experience though. Also, it's a good idea to volunteer, to begin with, across whole of primary so you can get a whole school view but then can concentrate in KS1. Then if you still like it , how about some supply work?

Shellington Fri 01-Feb-13 12:29:33

I last taught in Summer 2009.
I am applying at present for p/t vacancies - KS1.

Given the unlikely scenario that I am offered an interview - how do I gen up on the years out of the loop? I had training on, and used, the 'new' Lit & Num frameworks as well as Letters&Sounds for phonics - but sense a lot may have changed since. Also moved towards ("back") to themed/topic planning and work, but am unsure what the hot issues are atm? Is ECM still A Big Deal? Are there new incentives / schemes that stand out?

I have not got the first clue about 'Gove' though believe his name has become a swear word of sorts confused - I have had my sleep-deprived hands full with two little ones and not kept myself in the loop at all. I am a very organised, fair and caring teacher and, since having children myself, really appreciate the importance of home-school relationships and the use of VAK styles of learning.

Thinking about it, do I / should I / could I retrain? Or would it be a waste of time? I am thinking of volunteering at a local primary school to get a foot in the door - is this a good idea?

Thanks for any ideas - including interview / portfolio / sample lessons thoughts for KS1 (here's hoping!) TIA thanks

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