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A Teachers Opinion Wanted - Long story

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pateran Fri 18-Jan-13 13:07:29

I'm so sorry to intrude as I'm not a teacher but looking for a teachers opinion and help with my DS school teacher.

DS is 6 in P2 on Scotland he is doing well at school and is progressing well.

The first instance happened last week,in his school they have to take all their own stuff. (pencils, rubbers, ruler,colour pencils, colour pens and pritt stick - everything). After Christmas Ds took 2 pencils cases, once with colouring stuff and one with writing stuff, he fiddled with it the 1st day got into trouble the next day was fine then then 3rd day he came home saying that it was in the school rules that only 1 pencil case was allowed. I thought yes this is a lie but fair enough he has been messing about with it and can see the teachers point. Then we got home and he started his homework at which point he said oh and I'm not allowed to bring these pencils in again, she said if I bring them again I wil lose points(this is how she she marks behaviour) I said why DS says because they are too like the schools. Now they are navy blue with a yellow end a make I got from a stationers called Impega, his name is on them all. He has them because character type pencils break so easily. On the same day another boy got into trouble for having too many rubbers. Now I get that she may think he has stolen them but he is 6 and of a good character bring all his own stuff - anything the school ask for they get including plenty of our time. I'm not sure how you view this as a teacher? I did sent him back with one pencil case but with the same pencils. BTW you do lose the points for not having kit but poorer kids can borrow from her - I haven't ask but I assume they do not lose points, is this fair a 2 tier system?

2nd instance yesterday a boy in the class who we often have issues with tipped DS pencil case over the group of desks while he was choose something to do - so he stood up to pick the stuff up and she told him to sit down and lose a point, he did continue to stand because he had to reach his pencils etc and got another point taken off. He then began to cry she said why are you crying DS, said because I lost 2 points and it wasn't my fault this person tipped my case out - she said it was your fault you were told to sit down. I asked him what happens if your pencil are left all over your desk DS says oh we'd lose points for that so I thought it best to stand up and pick them up as quick as I could. Surely a lose lose situation isn't good teaching practice.

How would you view these? Is is me being over protective or is she being unreasonable? I have a parents night in a week and was going to mention these instances but I wanted an opinion from a teacher and how they would deal with this.

Thanks for reading and please give your opinion - i'm not sure if it is me or now but I hate the thought of my DS crying at school because all his choices are not good when the person who tipped the case does not get into any trouble.

ProphetOfDoom Fri 18-Jan-13 13:18:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gwenniebee Fri 18-Jan-13 13:25:54

I think you definitely need to speak to the teacher - don't go in all guns blazing but just ask for some clarification about the numbers of pencil cases/what goes on with this points system thing. The tipping the pencil case thing is annoying, and sad that your ds got upset, but these things happen sometimes (as long as it's not happening lots, then it does seem a bit unfair). I'd be more interested about the whole two pencil cases thing... sounds like you definitely need to be clear on that as it sounds a bit bizarre!

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