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Who is having a laugh?

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happilyconfused Tue 15-Jan-13 21:25:43

So new police recruits will get £4k less. Teachers are saying goodbye to mps increments and ups. MPs want £30k more. Some banks are considering paying bonuses after April in order to save tax.

In staff room after school we have an NQT who wants to leave as she does not see a future career in teaching. Her uni friends already earn more than her. Such as shame as we need youngsters to come to replace the oldies!

Veniceredmask01 Wed 16-Jan-13 10:04:09

It unfortunately shows how society views teachers. When the government announces that the police or nurses will have a pay cut, there seems to be an uproar. However I do feel that teaching unions are absolutely appalling at their job. It's time to act NOW unions otherwise anyone with a tiny bit of common sense will avoid being a teacher. Gove is the devil, and the unions are not much better!!!!

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