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Primary supply teaching - London part time?

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saadia Wed 09-Jan-13 14:47:07

Thanks coconutfeed I think I got paid £45 for a half day from one agency and £80 for a whole day from another. In terms of childcare I also booked three days a week and said I would be available then. Very likely you may be offered regular work. I was offered a long term role in a school but the agency couldn't tell me anything about it - involved PPA across different year groups, so I turned it down.

Good luck, I have friends who do supply teaching and they love the flexibility.

Coconutfeet Wed 09-Jan-13 09:33:30

Thanks Saadia. I think if I am going to do it I'm going to have to have fixed childcare for, say Monday - Wednesday whether or not any work comes in, which is a bit of a gamble. But I am also studying at the moment, so I could always use the time.

I will definitely check out the TES site. Not been on there for a while and I hadn't realised they had a supply teacher section.

What's daily rate for supply at the moment?

Congratulations on your job, by the way!

saadia Tue 08-Jan-13 23:38:47

just noticed you also have childcare issues - it was quite common for me to get called the evening before for a job in the morning but I needed more time to get prepared mentally.

The agencies all promised a lot but I guess if I had been more accommodating they might have given more work.

saadia Tue 08-Jan-13 23:33:28

I signed up with some agencies last term but could only take jobs with some notice. I did get called in the morning a few times but could not as accept as dh had already left for work so could not drop dss to school.

So, I only ever went for two jobs. Luckily the teachers had left good plans and the tas were very helpful. I copied one of the lessons for an interview and got the job.

Have a look on TES Forums, there is a section for Supply teachers with good advice.

It is a hassle to be the new person every day and as an NQT I cannot wing it but if you are more experienced it might be easier.

Discipline was actually ok make sure you stick to the class procedure (I teach primary btw).

Coconutfeet Tue 08-Jan-13 15:33:11

I'm thinking of doing supply for a while in order to claw back a little work-life balance and decide what I'm doing longer term but would want to do it part time. I would need to specify which days I would be available in order to make it work with childcare. Has anyone got any experience of supply teaching in London at primary level, particularly on a part time basis?

How did you find it? The school I'm currently in is pretty good with supply teachers in terms of planning etc, but I have heard some horror stories of just being thrown in with a class and just told to do what you want. Did you have a box of tricks that you brought with you just in case?

I know behaviour can be much worse for supply teachers. Did you find this a problem?

Did you find that you had enough work? I know lots of schools are using TAs to cover classes in order to save money.

Is it worth all the hassle for the luxury of being able to go home at 4.00? I'd really like to hear other people's experiences.

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