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ipad apps for maths and literacy?

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EcoLady Sun 30-Dec-12 02:41:47

Has anyone found any good apps tthey'd recommend please? It'd be partly for my own son (yr 4 but only 1a reading, 2b writing and maths) and partly for my new year 4 class. New Head is considering investing in a class set of iPads.

I've got 'Squeebles' for times tables, but other maths & spelling apps seem to get too hard too quickly.


SuoceraBlues Sun 30-Dec-12 12:06:31

Honestly, I think you are better off downloading Screen Chomp and Knowmia and making stuff you think the kids need.

I get fed up quite quickly of ready made stuff, cos it is often so generic that it never fits what I want it to do.

I also love Mental Case and Book Creator.

Maybe Word Mover might be uesful for you in terms of ready to use though ?

EcoLady Sun 30-Dec-12 15:33:53

Thank you! I'm totally new to apps so had no idea where to start. I agree that the generic ones are of limited use. There is a definite gap in the market for Levelled maths & spelling games. The likes of Phonics Play and Twinkl should get onto it.

I'm off to google your suggestions now :-)

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