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TA post interview advice needed please!

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Felicitywascold Sat 01-Dec-12 14:50:22

Yes, it sounds like a dreadful interview. The question you quoted is silly for a TA level job IMO.

I agree supply teaching would be a good way to get back in touch.

Also, have you considered prep? They are generally less concerned with faddy govt. buzz words and iniatives.

yellowvan Sat 01-Dec-12 14:06:46

Sounds awful. Have you considered supply teaching? A good way in post-parenthood, and the classroom/pupil management skills you need there never date (ie praise,distract etc); although sadly it's not the guaranteed step back into contracted work it once was. i'm very sureyou would pick up the latest buzz words and initiatives v. quickly as you will experience such a wide range of schools. Flexible too.

bigbuttons Sat 01-Dec-12 14:00:09

Felicity, thanks for the reply. Do you mean it was a badly set up interview?

God IO don't know. I come from a teaching era so different to today's. I think there are all these new directives that they will be looking for me to demonstrate and I don't even know they exist! It's like it's their way or the high way.
I'm not bitter or anythingwink

Felicitywascold Sat 01-Dec-12 13:32:24

It doesn't sound like you to be honest! Take heart!

bigbuttons Sat 01-Dec-12 13:21:57

Please excuse typos. I do have good grasp of English, honest!!!!

bigbuttons Sat 01-Dec-12 12:40:54

Hi, I am rpoinary traioned teacher but have taking a LOOOONG career break to have my familt. I have recently been trying to get back into education, but realise that's it's almost a different profession to the one I trained and worked in.
I have been volunteering at a school since september and it's great. I have been thinking about doing TA work, just to get me back into the swing of things again.
So, I had an interview for a TA post last week. This involved doing a set task with ch and and interview.
I was given 2 minutes to read though the task before the 6 children(yr 4), head, deputy and chair of govs came in. I could barely understand what the task was about tbh, I mean I couldn't see the learning objective. Anyway I did as best I could, did the interview and went home.
I didn't get the job.
The feedback was that I didn't walk around the group during the task ( a small group, we were all seated round the table. I couldn't see any need to walk round the table ) and I didn't extend them in that 10 minute period. I am still flummoxed as to how I could possibly extend a group of unknown children in 10 minutes with a task I had only just seen.
The person giving feedback, (the head's PA) said something about talk for writing. I know a bit about this, but couldn't for the life of me see how that was helped by the task.
The failed interview question went thus: We are a big school with a huge number of different ADULTS here, from the kitchen staff, caretaker to the teachers etc etc. As a TA how would would organise and facilitate teamwork with them?" This was not about the children, or about how I would build teamwork with the children, it was definitely about the adults. I was stuck, I didn't realise that would be part of my job description.! It was obviously to do with team playing. I said I was a team player etc etc, but they wanted something else from me.
A TA friend said that it was shocking that I had only a couple of minutes to see the task. I should have been sent a copy of it prior to interview.
I would be SO grateful for any ideas you might have and where I went wrong. Clearly I am not au fait with new directives and new thoughts in education. But I AM trying my best to catch up!

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