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Mum of child I work with brought tears to my eyes today.

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NoIdeaWhyTheNameChange Thu 22-Nov-12 21:28:44

While I've name changed, I thought I'd indulge...

I work as a TA in reception, today the class teacher was off sick, anxious, and therefore sometimes aggressive, ASD child (lets call them X) had no one-to-one support this afternoon (actually her never does pm!), plus several other high need DC in the class.

Today I let the children out at the end of the day, as I know the parents, and the supply didn't....get to the end of the ASD child! shock Supply didn't know where he was angry. I managed to locate him....and I must have looked a bit stressed as I handed him over to parent who asked "Has he been challenging today?" I replied, yes, no one-to-one this afternoon, usual teacher off sick, all a bit unsettling.....I must have looked frazzled as the mother said "You go home and have a good rest this evening, love." blush

I have been known to count every second of the last ten minutes of the day before this child goes home on a Friday.....and then I think... their mother will have a whole weekend (and more) of dealing with this child.

I know she won't be having an easy time this evening, but that she was lovely enough to wish me a rest, rather than complain that momentarily no adult responsible for her child knew where her was, has actually made be sob. blush

Wish me luck for tomorrow with no one-to-one support for above mentioned child, a different supply teacher, several DC we suspect are un-diagnosed, but on the autistic spectrum, several DC who's English is their second language, (a couple who speak barely a word of English). And this is a suburban school in Middle England unprepared for such an intake.

I would have a stiff drink, but I need to have a clear head in the morning.

Nigglenaggle Thu 22-Nov-12 21:51:57

How lovely smile Some people are decent smile

EvilTwins Thu 22-Nov-12 23:19:51


Yesterday, an actual child brought tears to my eyes with his niceness. AND he's 13! In teach drama, though he's not in my class. He and two others are involved in a production at our local theatre this week, and are snowed under with rehearsals. They opened tonight. I sent an email to all staff to let them know that the boys were doing this, and to ask them to be sympathetic if the boys were more tired than usual. He came to find me to say thank you. Such a rare occurrence when you work with teenagers. It made my day!

ninah Fri 23-Nov-12 21:02:37

similar ..
I had a parent offer support for something I had to do which I expected to be really unpopular, I could've given her a hug

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