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How to get back into teaching following an illness?

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fluffydressinggown Wed 21-Nov-12 22:12:22

I have been off work since March, I am primary trained.

I left a job under very difficult circumstances in February, I was bullied and put on capability, my union advised me to leave. My reference is not brilliant - the school and my union were unhelpful in negotiating this.

Following this I briefly did supply, until I became too unwell to work. I was diagnosed with depression, OCD and ? personality disorder and spent time in a psychiatric unit.

I am now thinking about going back to work and I am unsure about what to do. My CPN and psychologist are supportive of this, I need to fit in seeing them once a week each although the times can be reasonably flexible.

I don't want to work full time, I know this will limit me but I am ok with that, we can afford it and after my last job the thought of full time fills me with dread, the job situation is ok where I live.

My choices are:
a, supply - good because I can choose where/when, I am concerned though about not always being available, if I was offered a full week of supply I would struggle to accept it
b, work as a TA to build up my confidence (until Sept 13?) and do some supply and apply for a September job as a teacher
c, apply for jobs now as and when they come up
d, give up teaching and become a TA permenantly

Please excuse any spelling mistakes smile

doglover Thu 22-Nov-12 14:18:06

Ny advice would be to go for the TA and rebuild your confidence at being in the school environment again. Supply can be VERY stressful with unfamiliar routines/colleagues/pupils - if you're not feeling 100% then this could be a demoralising option. If you went down the temporary TA route, you could decide if the responsibility of teaching is what you actually like/need.

Inclusioneer Thu 22-Nov-12 18:38:02

I would second the TA route. Then if you don't want to go back to classroom teaching you could consider something specialist like Reading Recovery.

fluffydressinggown Thu 22-Nov-12 23:33:08

I am concerned that working as a TA will make it difficult to get teaching jobs - because I have effectively downgraded myself. Do you think this will be an issue?

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