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New SMT - a few questions...

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Dysgu Wed 14-Nov-12 20:38:40

I work in a primary school; recently restructured education system so I was redeployed through this re-organisation by the LA. I was happy to take the job - had previously spent 7 years in primary school before moving to middle school so felt I knew what I was getting into. This is my 2nd year in this primary school.

Anyway, we had a new HT start last Easter.
We had a new Deputy (non-teaching) start this September.

Obviously they are making changes - some HUGE - and there is a lot of uncertainty and very low morale across all staff (office, teaching, support etc).

Anyway, on Monday we were given a new job description and appraisal audit according to new standards - all fine.

However, I am on UPS3 - gained 2 years ago in a middle school where I was Literacy Leader across KS2/3. On moving to this primary school I was asked to lead Maths across the school - all fine.

I am 17 weeks pregnant and needed to tell employers very early in pregnancy due to being high risk. All fine and they have been very good about all the appointments etc.

In preparation of me leaving for maternity leave at Easter 2013, SMT have passed leadership of maths to another senior teacher. Currently I lead no subject (although there has been lots of subject leadership movement, 2 teachers are leaving at Xmas which will mean more changes...) So I have no management responsibilities at all. Obviously I can not meet standards of having impact on professional development across whole school in this situation.

I have a meeting with HT for appraisal in 2 weeks time - have tried to catch her briefly since Monday but she has hardly been in the building. She only managed 2 days in the building last week so this is normal. She works from home a lot.

Just after your thoughts - is it her responsibility to provide me with the opportunity to meet the standards or mine to 'create' it? Can she leave me 'leading nothing' until I return from maternity leave - and then what?

cardibach Mon 03-Dec-12 20:35:43

I'm not sure I understand your concern - you are not leading anything, so what? UPS3 is for classroom performance, you should have a TLR allownace for leading something, surely? You can't have UPS3 taken away (in Wales, so forgive me if this is not correct in ENgland - pretty sure it is general though). What is worrying you?

Level3at6months Wed 05-Dec-12 18:56:29

I agree with what cardibach said. It shouldn't make any difference whether you lead anything or not. A similar thing happened to me - was FS leader but that responsibility was moved to someone else so I came back after mat leave with no clear role, despite being part of SMT, and after a couple of months back at work, I was given KS1 lead. I'd say see what happens when you manage to catch the HT but don't stress about it.

shithappensx1000 Thu 06-Dec-12 04:47:44

Currently UPS 3 can't be removed, you can lose TLR points with changes in role. You also don't need to have a leadership title/role to have whole school impact. It can be taking over little things - the promotion of the library, or the VLE, etc.
I find it a bit weird that your head works from home a lot - should she be in school (at the coal face) talking to the children, wandering around, contact with parents, being their for you, the children etc?

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