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Staff at school are borderline abusive

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lilymay1 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:45:10

Have namechanged for this.

I work part time in a primary school in a non-teaching role. I am shocked by the way some of the staff treat the children. Yesterday I over-heard the assistant head shouting at some children for fighting. She said they were "wicked" and "evil" children. Not that their behaviour was wicked: that they were wicked.

Another class teacher who I spend a lot of time in class with is always shouting at the kids. I mean always. She calls them stupid, tells them that their behaviour is ridiculous, picks on certain children, makes sarcastic comments at them...the other day, she shouted at them for 10 minutes straight about this and that, just going on and on about how bad they were.

To be honest, I just don't know what to do. I haven't been in this role long and I don't know what's normal. Maybe I am being overly sensitive.

Does anyone have any advice? I have no idea who I'd even report this too.

MrsjREwing Thu 01-Nov-12 13:48:22

Get evidence first, record them. Too many kids are victim to people like that, and without evidence, nothing will happen.

NellyJob Thu 01-Nov-12 13:48:32

a lot of primary schools are like that IMO and nobody does anything about until a culture of nastiness permeates the whole school - keep a diary of what you hear and contact the LA.

fatfingers Thu 01-Nov-12 13:49:33

Does your school have a whistleblowing policy?

KatharineClifton Thu 01-Nov-12 13:49:57

I'd bet good money that the head teacher is a bully too. You'd report to the ed department at the council.

lilymay1 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:55:58

No one will think I am being over the top, will they? Like I said, I haven't been doing this job long and not much to compare it to except my own schooldays which, while not perfect, definitely didn't involve being ranted at or insulted constantly.

NellyJob there is a culture of nastiness. No-one gives a fuck, it seems.

fatfingers not sure on the whistleblowing policy, I will check.

How long would I get evidence for before presenting it? I'm only working there til xmas (thank God) anyway, so I thought about reporting at the end of term.

I just feel horrible for the poor kids. The school got a good report at the last Ofsted, I have no idea how.

NellyJob Thu 01-Nov-12 13:58:28

do it lilymay, a detailed diary for half a term?

MrsjREwing Thu 01-Nov-12 14:01:07

Half a term. Get ur mobile out and record them video or voice at break times, go home and download it. obviously don't let them know what you are up to. Then present your evidence all together.

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