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Bumpstart Thu 15-Nov-12 23:34:42

Hard to know how things will be perceived by the time you qualify.
Have you made a decision yet? My advice is to find out more about the placements if you are not certain the college is the best. If you can get a good placement it might make up for the college.

Also is it that specific department at the college which has a bad rep?

Sometimes you have to find your own placements, which can be tough, but if you are prepared for it then you can put time into choosing a good one beforehand, and avoid a lot of stress.

Flisspaps Mon 12-Nov-12 22:36:38

Can you not do School Direct (which is replacing GTP) from Sept 2013? One year, train on the job and you get a job at the end of it. I've applied grin

zzzexhaustedzzz Thu 18-Oct-12 19:05:17

I want to begin teacher training in 2013. I prefer the idea of secondary but am easily swayed by further or primary. Art (with possibly DT and/or media studies) is my specialism.
I don't have science GCSE at the required level for most primary courses in any case, so I think that's out.
I just spoke to somone from the local college about their new courses. I did PTLLS last year as it was free and I wanted the experience. Apparently you can now do CTLLS and then Y2 of P/T PGCE there! It also includes from age 14 up. However this college doesn't have a great reputation among students I know.
I am wondering whether I should even consider this route. The government has apparently also made the DTLLS equal to the PGCE in that you could teach in a school with it now. This path would be cheaper and much easier for me than a years f/t PGCE. However, if at the end my qualification is not seen as equal to that, despite what the government says, there's no point.
Any light to shed on this anyone?

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