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Classroom Discipline

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NeverendingStoryteller Wed 03-Oct-12 17:28:40

Just popping my head around the staffroom door to ask an opinion, really.

I was just wondering under what circumstances you would consider creating a separate desk for a child, outside of their usual work group? Is this something that works? Or is this something that causes more problems than it solves? Child in question is 6, almost 7, and in year 2.

Any primary school teachers got any advice?

Thewidewideworld Wed 03-Oct-12 17:36:33

I'm not a primary teacher, but to answer your questions...
I certainly do this with secondary pupils when they need to focus on their work without distracting others or being distracted by them.
Yes, it does work with chatty, easily distracted pupils.
As for causing more problems than it solves I would only see that being an issue if it became a longterm thing where they would miss out on group work.
In a primary school I can see that you wouldn't want to resort to this strategy frequently, but all the same I imagine it still has value as a technique to persuade the chattier pupils to mend their ways.
But my primary school colleagues may have other views. grin

WofflingOn Wed 03-Oct-12 18:06:48

Depends how you phrase it and how you use the space. I had a special thinking corner with a separate desk and the child who needed it was happy to use it when we were doing independent activities. If it isn't seen as a naughty step, or a punishment or a cage, it works well.
'He also had a sign on the wall. 'Quiet, Genius at Work' that he took with him when he left at the end of the year so he could stick it on his bedroom door.

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