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Just for teachers or can support staff join in too?!

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bumpybecky Sun 23-Sep-12 22:08:19

<shuffles in, offers biscuits>

are there any spare seats in here for support staff then?

I'm a science technician in a middle school and promise I'll take my lab coat off before I sit down! smile

Themumsnot Sun 23-Sep-12 22:48:04

We're all in this together Bumps. Especially if you've got biscuits.

overmydeadbody Mon 24-Sep-12 16:47:26

Everyone should be welcome i the staffroom, we're all in it together!

I work as a teacher part time and work as a special needs TA the rest of the week.

bumpybecky Mon 24-Sep-12 17:19:27

oh good smile

today has been exciting - much high spirits due to them all being cooped up as it's been raining sad still Monday is my full day, mornings only for the rest of the week smile

any more support staff willing to admit it?!

BitchyHen Mon 24-Sep-12 17:23:59

I'm a TA, working in a ks4 PRU.

Our kids were grumpy today cos they didn't want to sneak off site in the rain for a fag. I wished I had some nicotine patches to hand out. grin

SuffolkNWhat Mon 24-Sep-12 17:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 25-Sep-12 17:35:08

I am a TA working with SEN and EAL pupils in Y6.
<plonks biscuits on coffee table>

Hulababy Tue 25-Sep-12 17:38:48

Hi; can I chip in with some nice biscuits?

I was a teacher for a few years a while back - secondary. But left that when DD was still quite small.

Now working as a primary school TA/HLTA - workign in an infant school. Was in Y1 but went up to Y2 this year.

Been on two school trips today - first this morning with my class. Then a repeat trip with another Y2 class, my old Y1 class infact. Was very wet and very cold! First trip didn't have a great start as got on coach to discover there weren't enough seats. I volunteered to go in my car and follow them - bliss! My own car, my own music, no chatter!

Now shattered, but with a whole load of photo and video editing to do before tomorrow's meeting. Think wine may be in order later.

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 25-Sep-12 18:10:16

Sorry, my post got cut short there and I sounded rather like I barged in, threw some biscuits at you all and walked out!! [shock

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 25-Sep-12 18:14:04

Oh for fucks sake, done it again!!!

Right, where were we... shock, there, that was the last bit I got done..

So, I am now in my fourth year as a TA, my fourth in SEN but only my second working with EAL. Have done Y5, Y4, Y5 and now Y6 again.

I am really loving it. Currently trying to complete the L3 NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools in my own time (but sponsored by the school along with some of my fellow TAs)

Wine sounds like a fine idea - bound to make the current assignment flow better smile

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 25-Sep-12 18:17:03

Holy moses, I am not safe to work as a TA, I cannot even get a post out. What I meant to say was that I have done Y5, then a combination of Y4 and Y6, then a year back in Y5 and now in Y6 again.
I like years 5 and 6, they are uhm... interesting smile

Our school is a Junior School, so Y3 - Y6, 3 form entry.

JackJacksmummy Thu 27-Sep-12 21:40:27

Just started as a TA in special ed school specialising in dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders.
Age ranges from 9-16

MegGriffin Thu 27-Sep-12 22:20:06

Hello can I join? Early years SEN TA <puts large chocolate cake on table>.

bumpybecky Fri 28-Sep-12 12:17:40

quite a few of us support staff then and plenty of biscuits and cake, excellent smile

Hulababy Fri 28-Sep-12 14:05:02

The joys of school - has last day and half off sick due to a sickness bugging going round school. My class teacher was off too, other class teacher last week, a different TA has gone home today. The list goes on. Lots of children off too.

coldcupoftea Fri 28-Sep-12 17:34:53

Y3 TA here- it's a Friday so can I offer wine ? This is my first job as a TA, and much as I'm liking it, I'm glad it's the weekend!

treadonthecracks Sat 29-Sep-12 19:31:56

Would like to say hello, albeit belatedly.

I'm in my first job as an LSA working with a Yr 4 and Yr 5 child, but also doing a little bit with two yr 2 children. My SENCO says "thanks for being flexible" smile

ByTheWay1 Sat 29-Sep-12 19:40:36

I'm a mid-day supervisor, and have just made a lush lemon drizzle cake -

I have "the cleaning up cloth" too -so I can clear up after if needed! Just try not to spill anything, I haven't seen the mop for weeks....

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