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Action short of strike

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Cloudminnow Thu 20-Sep-12 21:25:38

Are you doing action short of strike from 26 Sep? If so what are you going to stop doing?

Knowsabitabouteducation Fri 21-Sep-12 16:46:15

I have never heard of this.

I will be working as normal smile

cricketballs Fri 21-Sep-12 19:01:36

I am going to stop running a subject that I don't get any TLR for (including full re-write of SoW, monitoring (another teacher also teaches the subject), no extra data entry, no 'extra' meetings.....going to be interesting especially as we are waiting the phone call at any time

Have been wondering about this. The thing that most irks me is having to write lesson plans for EVERY lesson but am a bit worried about rocking the boat too.

cricketballs Fri 21-Sep-12 19:25:48

I'm with you on that one Remus; HT is desperate to gain outstanding, but although I want that as well, I do think that a united front by everyone in both unions will filter through to the public what we do above and beyond eventually and how we are being taken for granted and screwed over by those in charge!

MatchsticksForMyEyes Fri 21-Sep-12 19:25:49

Our mocksted was cancelled after our union rep called a meeting and SLT realised we aren't just going to put up with more pointless observations. Not sure about doing no cover, think that would be a massive row.

Bajas Fri 21-Sep-12 19:28:53

It is going to be followed in our school (including me) but then I am in Northern Ireland where we don't have pay parity with England (particularly re management points) ppa time or rarely cover amongst other things so teachers here are feeling a bit more militant.

Knowsabitabouteducation Fri 21-Sep-12 22:04:18

What is is industrial action about?

I am usually fairly up on educational issues, which have been mostly about GCSE English results and GCSE reforms.

Why are people writing full lesson plans for each lesson? Surely this is just something you have to do in ITT and occasionally in the NQT year?

Isn't writing a SOW just part of the job? If you don't do it, you just make your job harder (cut off your nose to spite your face).

cricketballs Sat 22-Sep-12 09:32:30

The issues are... (taken from the NUT website)

workload pressures: damaging teachers’ health and threatening educational standards;
pensions: imposing unfair contribution increases and changes to pension ages;
pay: continuing the pay freeze and proposing local pay and further performance related pay;
conditions: attacking national terms and conditions of service, including through the academisation of schools;
inspections: creating workload and stress through punitive and frequent inspections; and
job security: increasing job losses through funding cuts and curriculum reforms

In terms of your question about SoW knowsabout; Yes, contributing to a SoW is part of the remit of a teacher without any TLR payments but the scenario in my case (think this will out me!) is as follows...

There are 4.5 people in my department; the HoD and 3.5 teachers without any responsibility (myself included). For the main subject for my department, the HoD is responsible for the SoWs and we, as teachers contribute to the writing of such, for example I write a unit for year 7, 8, 9 etc whilst my 'teacher' colleagues also write a unit each and therefore the SoW are a collective creation that we all follow.

Then, there is a secondary subject within the department that myself and 0.5 colleague teaches. I have taken on writing the SoW in its entirety, monitoring students progress, producing the reports, data entry on all students (not just those I teach) etc. For this, I receive no TLR payment, no extra free period. My HoD is very grateful that I do this and has been pushing for financial/free periods recognition for the work I do. My head & SLT are fully aware that I 'run' this subject and I get a 'thanks' each August as the results are very high but nothing else. But, its is far more than I am contracted to do and far more than my colleagues in the department that I am paid the same as.

Ii is not surprising then that more and more teachers are becoming very angry about the way we are being treated by the government, the way we are blamed for every undesirable aspect of social life, the way we are blamed for standards (we can only teach what we are told to and how we are told to, i.e. NC, specs, Ofsted) and now this morning we are told that if we dare to leave our place of work at the time that we finish getting paid for then we should not get any pay rise (forget the number of teachers that take home reams and reams of work to do; we should be doing this in the school building apparently).

this link [[ here] details the instructions we have been given during this action (the same instructions have been published for NASUWT)

cricketballs Sat 22-Sep-12 09:33:33

correct link here

ravenAK Sat 22-Sep-12 12:05:20

We mostly comply with this already - it's just good practice.

The biggie for us will be not sending/responding to emails out of work hours. My HOD won't know what to do with herself at 3am any more! grin.

EvilTwins Sun 23-Sep-12 16:48:33

Reading the info sent out by the unions made me realise
A) my school is pretty bloody good in terms of what it does and does not ask if staff.
B) some people have a shit deal. The very fact that this action is required makes me both angry and sad

InTheoryBut Sun 23-Sep-12 17:10:25

What about Primary colleagues?

I think the biggest thing will be not handing in detailed weekly short term plans. At the moment we have to provide detailed daily lit, numeracy, guided reading, phonics - plus all planning HAS to be on school's format, and must include specific key questions, Afl methods, detailed differentiation and resources, and it all has to be photocopied x 3 for the various powers that be to check everything on a Monday morning.

I'm assuming I can stop doing that...?
I will still do the planning, obviously, or at least be thinking it through, and making notes, but it will be for me, not detailed enough for anyone to pick up and teach from (like a script) which is what is demanded.

I also won't be doing much for my co-ordinator subjects, unless given specific time.

Anyone else primary?

IvanaNap Mon 01-Oct-12 03:08:54

InTheory I once knew a school like that. Do you / did you have to do all your displays too by any chance?!

WofflingOn Mon 01-Oct-12 06:04:16

I've stopped explaining my lessons in detail InTheoryBut. I just write stuff using complex grammatical terminology in English lessons, or the concept to be taught in maths without illustrations and explanations for the teacher, because I know what I'm doing.
Anyone that doesn't know what complex sentences with adjectival clauses means shouldn't be teaching my class. Cuts the woffle time significantly.

InTheoryBut Mon 01-Oct-12 18:47:18

I wish I could stop the waffle, but it's what is expected sad. Problem is as well, the planning is all shared with partner class teacher and job share, so it's not just for me. I'm going to cut mine down, and not hand in, but because of the joint nature of it, and the fact that colleagues aren't NUT or NASUWT it may well cause friction.

Displays...ha! Apparently class TA should do them, but she arrives and leaves with the children, has a full teaching timetable, as strictly prescribed by SMT with guided group work in lit and num, intervention groups, 1:1 daily readers, gap tasks, phonics group, etc that she doesn't actually have time for displays (unless she stopped doing some of the prescribed stuff). <sigh> And with a Y3 class with approx 50% below 2B, including 7 still on P levels, we both have our work cut out sad

Feenie Sat 06-Oct-12 00:00:46

Biggie for us is the 3 hours observations on only 3 occasions in a year. Head wants to know what happens if a colleague wants to progress up the pay scale and has a satisfactory - he would want them to have another chance to amend the judgement, thereby only leaving one more observation for SDP purposes. I can see his point, actually. Any thoughts from others?

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