To be shocked at some RF members turning their back?

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fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:35:39

It has been reported that some Royal Family members literally turned their back on Prince Harry at Prince Philip's funeral and refused to even acknowledge him.
I have had extended family members behave badly and are in no hurry to be friendly. But I think this is appalling behaviour. I would never do that and especially not at a funeral.
It reminds me of that video being shared where William and Kate totally snub and ignore Harry and Meghan.
It is just so rude and awful.

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FinallyFluid Thu 06-May-21 16:37:47

Is that you Meghan.

fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:40:14

grin I wish! I would turn the heating up for a start.

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Alternista Thu 06-May-21 16:41:20


HoldontoOneMoreDay Thu 06-May-21 16:42:33

If I'd accused my family of being racist abusive bullies on international telly a fair few of them would have turned their backs on me the next time we met up - and indeed this would have been their reaction whether the accusations were true or false. Racist bullies don't like being called out. Non-racist bullies don't like being accused of racist bullying.

Happytentoes Thu 06-May-21 16:44:09

It has been reported … but that’s not proof.

It’s sad if true, but I do think Harry has made his bed.

Toilenstripes Thu 06-May-21 16:45:49

Well someone in the family questioned the colour of the skin of their future children. And we know that Princess Michael wore a Blackmoor broach the first time she met Duchess Meghan.


whatswithtodaytoday Thu 06-May-21 16:46:26

Given that the whole thing was on TV, wouldn't this have been rather obvious?

itispersonal Thu 06-May-21 16:47:50

I would have completely ignored Harry if he was my family. He and his wife were busy causing sh*t, whilst an elderly relative was seriously ill and dying.

fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:47:55

@HoldontoOneMoreDay I really can not imagine physically turning my back on a family member and pretending they do not exist. I also can not imagine a father allowing his son to be treated in that way by other family members.
I would also expect someone treated that way to want nothing to do with their family from then on.
It is so harsh and horrible.
And it is not the first time they were blanked. William and Kate have done this before.
It is just ignorant.

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Brokenpencilsarepointless Thu 06-May-21 16:48:14

When did William and Kate snub them? Any time there's been a video of them "snubbing" them, there's always a video from a minute before or s minute after where they're all chatting.

Regarding the funeral. Come on. There are half truths from both camps. The public never gets the full story. That interview they gave had a lot of inaccurate assumptions or pure misunderstandings from Meghan. Now, I personally think she left really believing those things because communication between the family, the staff and those two had just completely broken down and no one was listening to anyone. Fault on all sides, but Harry and Meghan dragged their family through the mud instead of sorting it out, or simply walking away and leaving it behind them. The family are entitled to never speak to them again if they dont want to.

It's fine to speak out about horrible ways you've been treated, but when you do that you must be entirely honest about the role you play and you cant lie about things. That interview could be called a lot of lies amongst a lot of shocking truths, and it probably caused a lot of upset to the peoplr who felt they were being lied about.

MargaretFraggle Thu 06-May-21 16:48:24

We don't know the details, it's just media reporting. Maybe they didn't feel like small talk after being publicly accused of being racist meanies. Maybe they had other things on their minds. Maybe PH didn't himself give off 'chat to me' vibes. Maybe they worried what they said would be on Gayle King's show. Who knows?

Lisa52 Thu 06-May-21 16:48:40

I think it pales into insignificance when you look at the way Harry has treated his family recently. I think turning their backs is showing great self-control. I'm not sure I would be so dignified in the same circumstances.

itispersonal Thu 06-May-21 16:51:53

No OP it isnt ignorant at all. If my grandfather and grandmother last few weeks together were ruined by selfish behaviour (which is basically a toddler tantrum by 2 grown adults, over money and titles) I'd be doing more than putting my back to them.

fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:52:12

Okay I think some of you are nastier than me.
I would say hello, minimal stuff, then talk to someone else. I am not expecting them to be the best of friends. But physically turning your back and ignoring a family member is very harsh.

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itispersonal Thu 06-May-21 16:52:48

But going his behaviour is ok?

fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:53:48

Here. William nods at Harry and Meghan, Kate blanks them.This was in 2020 after Harry and Meghan announced they are stepping down. Again just ignorant.

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itispersonal Thu 06-May-21 16:54:01

Also from watching the funeral, William and Kate did speak to him. It's a covid funeral, so you aren't able to freely talk to everyone or be that close!

LoveSleeping Thu 06-May-21 16:54:21

Erm hang on 'it has been reported' - where? Is there actually any proof that this happened? Or is it just the usual Daily Mail etc shit- stirring fake news?

Even if it did happen, plenty of people fall out with family members- it's no big deal!

MargaretFraggle Thu 06-May-21 16:55:03

You don't know it happened though. You weren't there!

JeanClaudeVanDammit Thu 06-May-21 16:55:26

Fairly sure none of this actually happened. I would rather acquiesce with M&H’s wishes and ignore tabloid crap like this. They only keep printing it because people give it airtime.

SirVixofVixHall Thu 06-May-21 16:56:12


I would have completely ignored Harry if he was my family. He and his wife were busy causing sh*t, whilst an elderly relative was seriously ill and dying.


fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:56:15

Where did I say I support whatever Harry and Meghan have done?
There are clearly different versions of what happened and I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle with all parties being to blame.
But treating a family member in this way is a sure way to make them walk away.
Would you really be happy for your partner or dad to treat your son in this way?

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fiheka Thu 06-May-21 16:57:44

@itispersonal no one is alleging that William turned his back and refused to talk to him. The family spent time together after the funeral as well.

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Samcro Thu 06-May-21 16:57:49

They were probably just caught on camera turning round.

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