What would happen to the palaces and castles if ....

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HouseofWindsor Sat 17-Apr-21 14:16:29

Monarchy was abolished?

Windsor castle is looking magnificent today along with the Great Park.

Sheltered housing ? President residences ?

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gingercat02 Sat 17-Apr-21 14:20:50

State run tourist attractions presumably. Like NT or EH properties

HouseofWindsor Sat 17-Apr-21 14:24:08

Cafes , play areas etc on that lovely green in the Castle sad

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skeggycaggy Sat 17-Apr-21 14:24:14

Isn’t Windsor their own personal possession? Some of the royal family belongings belong to them privately, some to the state.

PiccallilliCircus Sat 17-Apr-21 14:26:18

Turned into luxury apartments.

JustLyra Sat 17-Apr-21 14:31:03


Isn’t Windsor their own personal possession? Some of the royal family belongings belong to them privately, some to the state.

Sandringham and Balmoral are owned by them. Windsor isn’t.

topcat2014 Sat 17-Apr-21 14:34:16

Tony and Cherie Blair would be in them like a shot!

unlimiteddilutingjuice Sat 17-Apr-21 14:36:31

They'd be national trust properties.

VettiyaIruken Sat 17-Apr-21 14:37:58

Imagine the dish royal fans in the world would pay to sleep in the queen's bed.

It would bring a lot of cash in. Yes I know the monarchy does blah blah but one of the arguments against abolishing it is cash lost. Hotels and other uses would cover that loss.

VettiyaIruken Sat 17-Apr-21 14:38:27

Dish = Dosh

DianaT1969 Sat 17-Apr-21 15:12:39

Boris would father a few more children in them.

Teddyandsuzie Sat 17-Apr-21 23:13:41

Sold of to a foreign company who would flog apartments to the highest bidders: those with deep pockets, so likely Russians and Arab Princes.

A couple might be turned into museums, devoid of soul or real purpose. No trumpets sounding no military parades. Nothing to make this country special.

Teddyandsuzie Sat 17-Apr-21 23:13:54


PicsInRed Sat 17-Apr-21 23:15:46

Like Versailles etc. Open and maintained as paying attractions, no sitting royals, hugely profitable.

KillingMeDeftly Sat 17-Apr-21 23:16:38

Probably the same thing that's happened to palaces in France, Germany, Austria etc. They become tourist attractions like Versailles or Schoenbrunn. I think more people visit Versailles than Windsor Castle.

KeeTcat Sat 17-Apr-21 23:17:59

I have a few ideas...

However, I'd love to see how the far left fascists would survive living in a third world country with all the constant whinging.

KillingMeDeftly Sat 17-Apr-21 23:19:51


Mycatisthebest Sat 17-Apr-21 23:37:14


Tony and Cherie Blair would be in them like a shot!


Pyewackect Sat 17-Apr-21 23:45:14

But it’s not going to be abolished, is it !

starrynight21 Sun 18-Apr-21 08:55:06

It isn't going to be abolished, but if it was I imagine that the palaces would revert back to the State and be opened to tourists. Other countries do that and it's very good for the economy.

HouseofWindsor Sun 18-Apr-21 12:05:43

I doubt whether it will be abolished in my / our lifetimes.

After seeing the splendour of the castle a d grounds yesterday it made me wonder.

In addition a President ( god no Blair ! ) has to live somewhere!

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Jacopo Mon 19-Apr-21 18:32:18

The idea of having an elected head of state as well as the elected prime minister fills me with dread when I look back at the absolute shit shower of prime ministers the British public have elected in my lifetime.
We are better off with our monarchy, warts and all.

KillingMeDeftly Mon 19-Apr-21 18:49:11

We are better off with QEII but unfortunately it's luck of the draw. If Salic Law had been upheld in the U.K. then Prince Ernst of Hanover would be king and, well, google him!

At least elected heads of state can be voted out.

Jacopo Mon 19-Apr-21 19:38:56

Wow Prince Ernst is quite the rebel isn’t he!? But if we’d had Salic law we wouldn’t have had Victoria, Anne, Elizabeth 1 etc so would it have been Ernst that we ended up with? Or some other geezer!

Lockdownbear Tue 20-Apr-21 15:10:04

The ones owned by the Royals (Balmoral, Sandringham, Highgate, etc) would be kept private.

Clarence House & Buckingham Palace would become the new 10 Downing Street, / office blocks.

Windsor would become NT property and eventually fall into disrepair.

Kensington which is already apartments would be sold to inviduals.

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