Harry and Meghan had ALL FEMALE team of advisers at the palace

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IrmaFayLear Wed 10-Mar-21 16:11:40

I was just googling around and found this fact. The way they were speaking with Oprah, it sounded as if there was a shadowy team of grey establishment men advising them. Far from it.

They seem to be portraying things according to The Crown episodes set in the 50s.

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the80sweregreat Wed 10-Mar-21 16:23:59

Who knows? I would imagine it's a huge operation keeping them all ticking over ( and leaking stuff as a ' source' or whatever)

LunaHeather Wed 10-Mar-21 16:25:34

But there's a difference between their advisers and the Palace machinery staff.

LarsErickssong Wed 10-Mar-21 16:27:33

A) Who is to say female staff won't have the same opinions as the men in grey suits
B) It's not necessarily their team causing the issues, it could've been other people

PurpleCrocuses Fri 12-Mar-21 19:08:32

Isn't that the problem, that originally the Palace appointed a group of men to advise Meghan? And at least one of them (Jason Knauf) was leaking nasty stories about Meghan to his old university best friend tabloid editor Dan Wootton behind her back, and one of them was a black man appointed to "show her the ropes" but he'd only been hired himself a few months earlier? And that's why she made staffing changes to find them positions elsewhere in the RF and replace them with female secretaries, and got destroyed by the press for "not being able to keep hold of staff"?

Meghan certainly didn't have all-female advisers when she first became royal.

Iamdobby63 Fri 12-Mar-21 19:23:16

Oh I though she didn’t have any help and advice at all..... so the first group weren’t a good fit so they got changed?

Mummy195 Fri 12-Mar-21 19:57:17

She did say her team (the women) had problems getting through the main people - courtiers / bureaucrats (the man in grey suits). They are the ones who seem to run the place.

Jason Knauf and a few of them were imposed on H&M, they did not hire them.

Most of the staff was actually rotated around Sussex Royal, Travelyst and the media reported them as sacked or resigned by MM behaviour. Not true.

ScribblingPixie Fri 12-Mar-21 21:02:36

Obviously it's the Mail but it's an interesting read -"the duchess was given a string of the Queen’s most senior staff as ‘mentors’ after the couple became engaged, as well as being allowed to hand-pick her own 15-strong team of loyal and talented private office staff."


SpanishLady Sat 13-Mar-21 10:41:06

So she could make staffing changes but not access medical help or go for a coffee with her mum?

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