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selectabo Mon 08-Mar-21 22:52:04

I did. felt more authentic than I've expected. You?

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Cleverpolly3 Mon 08-Mar-21 23:04:49

Space cadets
Also Harry came off much worse than she did.

All that bleating around being trapped.He always seemed quite happy living it up, shagging posh blondes, dressing up as a Nazi, stumbling out of nightclubs and shooting lions

My money is on her chewing him up and spitting him out in the not too distant future

PicsInRed Mon 08-Mar-21 23:04:52

Harry looks just like a young Prince Philip.

Perhaps Prince Philip is his father or the sensible answer is that Charles is.

PuffItsGone Mon 08-Mar-21 23:05:33

No, dramatic and contorted to fit their victim narrative. They need to grow up.

Ironfloor269 Mon 08-Mar-21 23:05:42

I believe them.

Fgs1 Mon 08-Mar-21 23:06:42

Yes I believe them.

LawnFever Mon 08-Mar-21 23:06:52

I believe they were treated unfairly by the media, I believe she’s been the victim of racism and if she says she felt suicidal I believe her. I don’t doubt someone questioned the skin tone of their baby. All of that is hideous.

But - I don’t believe she didn’t at least Google Harry’s background and that he didn’t give her a heads up you need to curtsy to the Queen, that’s just silly - even if it was ‘my family is utterly bonkers but this is what you need to do when you meet my gran’ and if we get married there will be certain expectations of what our lives will be.

lunarlife Mon 08-Mar-21 23:07:18

I think that is their truth, more or less.
I suspect others would have a very different truth.

SilverBirchWithout Mon 08-Mar-21 23:07:26

I think they certainly believe what they said - but whether that is the ‘truth’ is debatable.
Being second son, when you’re not heir to the throne, must be problematic playing second fiddle all the time. This whole thing about Archie not being a Prince played into that insecurity. It struck me through the whole interview that they both had a sense that somebody needed to ‘help them’ or ‘rescue them’ in some way - surely as adults they could seek out professional help, build a trusted team around them, and sort out there own security. It smacked of a sense of being owed something.
That being said the toxic press and opinions on social media must be unbelievably hard to live with, particularly with all the underlying undoubtably racism - but again I’m not quite sure why they felt ‘the firm’ had the ability to rescue them from this.

WonkyCactus Mon 08-Mar-21 23:07:47


TimetohittheroadJack Mon 08-Mar-21 23:09:36

No one taught her the national anthem? She didn't know she had to courtesy. Bullshit. Anyone watching any bloody princess teen film knows you curtesy to the queen.

The wedding thing - bullshit.

Don't tell lies if you want people to believe you.

But undoubtedly the press was shit to her,

wifterwafter Mon 08-Mar-21 23:10:18

Totally. I've always been a huge fan of Harry and Meghan. They've been treated appallingly.

Totallydefeated Mon 08-Mar-21 23:10:31

I think they both believe they told the truth. However they’re both so emotionally damaged that all events will have been viewed through that lens, they’re likely to have interpreted meanings differently to how they were intended, etc, and may well be quite far from the objective truth.

Jillypots Mon 08-Mar-21 23:11:01

Yes, I believe them. I think being a royal is a terribly difficult job, always done under the unrelenting glare of the media. I wish them well in their new life. I’m not a royalist, but I have always admired the Queen, and she came across really well.

madroid Mon 08-Mar-21 23:11:19

The trouble is they are just feeding the media monster with every word. If they thought the media was being mean to then before I suspect they haven't seen anything yet compared to the tabloid backlash this will create.

user1471448866 Mon 08-Mar-21 23:11:41

No way. Not a Monarchist but Harry in particular is a disgrace. Wanted the British public to continue to pay for security whilst they lived their own life in Canada/USA or wherever. Maybe Harry could have been asked whether he has any regrets about referring to his ‘little Paki friend’ or dressing as a Nazi. People questioning why Meghan didn’t get help when William and Kate were ambassadors for mental health - well so was Harry but we are supposed to believe that Meghan went to the head of HR at the Palace rather than seeking and receiving help from her husband - absolute rubbish

willibald Mon 08-Mar-21 23:11:42


DisappearingGirl Mon 08-Mar-21 23:12:00

I do believe them in the sense that I think this is how they genuinely felt about events. And I think it must have been a massive shock for Meghan to join a dysfunctional and stiff-upper-lip British family. And yes the media have printed loads of crap about her.

However I think the main issue seems to be that both Harry and Meghan felt the Royal Family should be defending her in the media. And that just doesn't happen - loads of Royals (mainly women) have been pilloried in the media over the decades and everyone knows the Royal Family just don't respond. If they did respond, the media would love it and would just do it even more to get a response. I think Harry and Meghan saw it as a lack of support when it's just how the Royal Family have always been.

NativityDreaming Mon 08-Mar-21 23:13:00

Yes, absolutely. I would have loved to hear more.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 08-Mar-21 23:13:11


No. They may believe the version they have told but there are two sides to every story.

I agree. Don't know why they expect to be supported if they aren't working.

Notonthestairs Mon 08-Mar-21 23:13:34


I believe that this is how they feel, and they are entitled to that. There are always two sides to a story and the truth lies somewhere in between. They came across as genuine and the issue over security must have been a huge worry to a father wanting to protect his family.

Agree with this.

DogsAreShit Mon 08-Mar-21 23:13:38

It didn't cross my mind to doubt them tbh.

It has completely changed my view of them. Of course they couldn't stay within the house of Windsor with people talking like that about their baby. And given that being royal is both a job and a life, they had to go leave entirely. Obviously would have taken time to get everything set up etc which is what they did.

The overwhelming impression is that they're protecting each other and protecting their son. Fair play. It's what healthy functioning families do. The wider family has been dysfunctional for a long time, perverts, adulterers, paedophiles and all. Time to get rid.

greengrey Mon 08-Mar-21 23:13:58

I believe them. Or at least I believe that that is their perception.

I still think Harry is James Hewitt's though!

NOTANUM Mon 08-Mar-21 23:14:55


dottiedaisee Mon 08-Mar-21 23:15:22



I also believe they've held some back.

Agree...they definitely have a lot more to say !

WhoKnew19 Mon 08-Mar-21 23:15:47

Yes I believe them.

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