Harry & Meghan, all welcome (aka positive thread, now renamed!)

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Roussette Sat 01-Aug-20 20:35:17

Here we are, let's inform, discuss, share and respect. smile

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MoreHippoThanPenguin Sat 01-Aug-20 20:36:28

Thank you Rousette smile

Samcro Sat 01-Aug-20 20:44:09

thanks Roussette wine

ButteryPuffin Sat 01-Aug-20 20:47:58

And we're off! Thanks Roussette.

AnneOfQueenSables Sat 01-Aug-20 20:57:05

Thanks Roussette flowers
Samcro your wine has made me want a gin since I missed all the cocktail chat yesterday.

Roussette Sat 01-Aug-20 21:00:36

Awww Anne it's never too late for a gin

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MoreHippoThanPenguin Sat 01-Aug-20 21:02:44

I am on the rose wine!


TofinoSurf Sat 01-Aug-20 21:06:06

Checking in wine

myrtleWilson Sat 01-Aug-20 21:16:58

thanks Roussette!

TofinoSurf Sat 01-Aug-20 21:17:30

Sorry yes, thanks Roussette!

meercat23 Sat 01-Aug-20 21:29:16

Thank you wine

OVienna Sat 01-Aug-20 21:30:54

FYI - further to my previous press rant:

James Murdoch has quit News Corp "over editorial differences" aka climate change and donated a million to Biden.

Probably would claim constructive dismissal.
But still. Possibly big news?

I'll think of something to say on HaM after this vermouth.

Samcro Sat 01-Aug-20 21:32:40

🥃 im on the whiskey again

derxa Sat 01-Aug-20 21:42:28


ButteryPuffin Sat 01-Aug-20 21:43:14

That is interesting Vienna. Something to keep an eye on. Can we be hopeful that Trump is really going in November?

Back to the topic.. I posted this on thread 5 in this series and I think it bears repeating on a thread where people will inevitably be referring to lots of different sources for stories.

The discussions on this section of the boards would be a lot better if posters would stop insisting that particular media organisations are either angels or devils. Every single news organisation has an agenda and presents its news accordingly. Every single one. Which is why it pays to read widely as well as critically.

I've been drinking soft drinks but might get some 🍫 out.

Roussette Sat 01-Aug-20 21:44:10

OVienna yes I heard about JamesM leaving the family firm, the right wing slant of the news corp will be even more right wing... wonder what will happen when old Murdoch (89 years old) moves on.

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Roussette Sat 01-Aug-20 21:45:55

I've been drinking soft drinks but might get some 🍫 out.

What is that? Is it chocolate, I'd kill for some chocolate now. Dont have a sweet tooth, but every now and again am desperate

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ButteryPuffin Sat 01-Aug-20 21:50:18

Yes, chocolate smile

SunbathingDragon Sat 01-Aug-20 22:21:03

Envious of your chocolate Buttery. I had to resort to a lollipop today for my sugar rush.

KatherineParr4 Sat 01-Aug-20 22:23:15

Checking in

Oldbutstillgotit Sat 01-Aug-20 22:28:37

Catching up with latest revelations


Oldbutstillgotit Sat 01-Aug-20 22:30:32

It is also being stated that TM has given up hope of seeing Meghan again but would like to meet Archie ( obviously)
Apparently, M did not acknowledge TM’s recent birthday .

SunbathingDragon Sat 01-Aug-20 22:35:24

I would imagine, if true, HMQ would scold Harry for using bad language about her closest aide, especially since she is well known to be so fond of her. Surely most grandparents/parents would do the same?

OVienna Sat 01-Aug-20 22:42:25

@Rousette not sure how much influence he had in the end. If he had much, I suspect he'd have stuck around.

callmeadoctor Sat 01-Aug-20 22:52:30


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