More News on Harry and Meghan

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Viviennemary Sat 18-Jul-20 19:51:56

Two little bits of news I read today. First the bells won't ring out at Westminster Abbey for Meghans birthday next month and she'll be devastated. No I don't think she'll even expect them to ring. And I had to smile at Bogart the dog was left behind in Canada because it didn't take to Harry. What else could she do. Hardly leave Harry behind. And it would have been a worry with a baby in the house too. She did the right thing here.

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Roussette Sat 18-Jul-20 20:14:19

Interestingly, I think Meghan won't care a damn whether bells ring out or not. Who would? There's more about her than that and I feel too much going on in the world for it to be a priority for her, don't think she'll be devastated one little bit.

MissEliza Sat 18-Jul-20 21:43:23

Out of interest, did they ring last year on her birthday? It will be interesting to see what they do on Harry's.

Viviennemary Sat 18-Jul-20 21:49:10

Not sure if they rang last year for Meghsn. I wasn't even aware that the bells did ring on royal birthdays. They rang for Andrew this year apparently. hmm and will ring for Princess Anne. Yes be interesting to see if they ring for Harry. Not sure when his birthday is.

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eddiemairswife Sat 18-Jul-20 21:56:32

I couldn't even remember whose child Harry is at first. The younger royals are becoming more and more like celebrities; I wouldn't be surprised if one of them turned up on Love Island.

Samcro Sat 18-Jul-20 22:02:53

I never knew the bells rang for royal children, you learn something everyday.

MissEliza Sat 18-Jul-20 22:21:59

I only knew about the bells thing when they rang for Andrew this year.

DulciUke Sat 18-Jul-20 22:23:39

Do they really ring the bells for grandchildren and their spouses? Wouldn't they end up ringing fairly often?

StartupRepair Sat 18-Jul-20 22:24:10

Perhaps they could quietly drop the bells for everyone except the monarch.

ajandjjmum Sat 18-Jul-20 22:41:48

They only ring for 'senior Royals', and in all fairness H & M said that they were stepping back from that. I'm sure there will be no surprise to her.

MissEliza Sat 18-Jul-20 23:15:15

@StartupRepair that would be sensible.

SunbathingDragon Sat 18-Jul-20 23:26:42

Agreed that as they only ring for senior royals, it’s to be expected. I don’t agree that they should have rung for Andrew this year though as to me he is a disgraced ex-royal. I also don’t think the bells should ring for Harry as he has also stepped down from being a senior royal and since I am assuming they have historically rung for him, I’m surprised he hasn’t been mentioned.

Wasn’t Bogart left behind with Jessica M though? If so, maybe that is why the article is in the news. I’m sure I read that the travel wasn’t suitable for him and that’s why he stayed behind. If so, the journey from Canada to USA is probably not feasible either. I’m a pet lover, so I’m biased here as I wouldn’t let a new relationship go anywhere if my pet was noticeable unhappy with my potential partner.

Pancakeorcrepe Sat 18-Jul-20 23:32:29

I do find the Bogart situation strange. I thought he was too old for long haul travel, and he then stayed for so long with Jessica, that it wouldn’t make sense to disrupt him again? I hope he is loved at Jessica’s, and not just taken on as a favour.
The bells thing is funny, that’s definitely something that could go for all of them except the Queen, it doesn’t really add value to anything 🤣

Viviennemary Sat 18-Jul-20 23:38:39

I got a bit mixed up with the Bogart situation. He didn't travel here when Meghan came to the UK to get married. He was left behind in Canada. People thought it was because he was too old to travel. But new article today said the reason he didn't come was because he didn't like/take to Harry.

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OverUnderSidewaysDown Sun 19-Jul-20 02:41:03

Poor old Bogart, I hope Jessica doesn’t dump him now the big friendship is over.

Myimaginarycathadfleas Sun 19-Jul-20 07:53:40

Bogart was her first dog, apparently. I suspect he was an impulse buy and now doesn't fit the new Sussex profile.

Roussette Sun 19-Jul-20 08:29:33

Bogart was her first dog, apparently. I suspect he was an impulse buy and now doesn't fit the new Sussex profile

Gosh, that's a bit of a leap isn't it? Why would it be that, why can't she be a responsible dog owner doing the best thing for the dog?

Myimaginarycathadfleas Sun 19-Jul-20 08:34:42

Why would it be that, why can't she be a responsible dog owner doing the best thing for the dog?

Debatable whether it's the best thing for the dog to be separated from its owner having already been retrieved from a rescue centre. They have the resources to employ an expert animal behaviourist to help them resolve the issue. Then she replaced him with another dog.

I have come across "dog lovers" like her before. I'm pretty sure my interpretation is nearer the mark.

Roussette Sun 19-Jul-20 08:41:20

But if the dog growls at Harry and gets stressed when he's around or whatever, it is the best thing.
Whatever she does will be open to an 'interpretation' like yours. We don't know do we?

OverUnderSidewaysDown Sun 19-Jul-20 08:46:42

There would be fewer "interpretations" if they had stuck to their original story about why they left the dog in Canada.

Roussette Sun 19-Jul-20 09:07:28

I imagine there were valid reasons. You don't think that. End of discussion really isn't it?

meercat23 Sun 19-Jul-20 09:24:25

At the time when MM first left Canada to live in London it was reported that the dog had been left behind with friends because he was too old to relocate to a new country which was generally accepted as a reasonable course of action.

Why is this new version of events emerging now and who is saying this. If, as someone previously suggested the dog was left with JM could this have anything to do with the reported distancing?

Myimaginarycathadfleas Sun 19-Jul-20 09:31:43

I imagine there were valid reasons. You don't think that. End of discussion really isn't it?

To be fair, you were the one that made it a discussion Roussette, I just stated a point of view.🙂

Myimaginarycathadfleas Sun 19-Jul-20 09:32:18

Sorry, that quote should have been in bold.

mrscampbellblackagain Sun 19-Jul-20 09:34:48

I hope MM didn't post on mn in the dog house about leaving her dog grin wink

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