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bornonasunday Wed 19-Feb-20 22:18:40

Has anyone else noticed how the news programmes etc are now referring to Duke & Duchess of Sussex as ‘Prince Harry and Meghan? - no title at all for her now??
Presumably this is after the news about HMQ not allowing them to use ‘Sussex Royal’ for profile & publicity?
I have no feelings either way about them... but it surprised me how quickly any sort of deference to her has evaporated!!

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EdithWeston Thu 20-Feb-20 08:45:18

The US press tends to call them Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (and they always did - I assumedthat it reflected a view that inherited aristocratic titles were OK for foreigners, but not Americans)

And of course the Duchess of Cambridge is often called Kate Middleton by thepress. I don't think they are signaling anything by that either

ArriettyJones Thu 20-Feb-20 18:54:41

Why would you get deference that is linked to the job of royalty once you’ve buggered off to get rich on the $1m per speech circuit?

Also, I think the press are probably anticipating the possibility (probability?) that they will lose the Duchy, who was really conferred in anticipation of them being working royals.

It seems like a fair enough exchange really.

ArriettyJones Thu 20-Feb-20 18:55:10

WHICH was really conferred...

OverUnderSidewaysDown Fri 21-Feb-20 19:25:20

Why should we show any deference to someone who has left her royal duties?

drina27 Sat 22-Feb-20 15:35:05

Deference is earned. Personally I don’t think any of them are entitled to “deference”. I would certainly not bow or scrape in their presence.

drina27 Sat 22-Feb-20 15:35:34

...any of them is entitled...

drina27 Sat 22-Feb-20 15:36:15

And certainly not in her presence. Her conduct has been appalling.

Absolutepowercorrupts Fri 03-Apr-20 13:27:35

Prince Harry will always be a Prince because he was born into the Royal line of inheritance.
Meghan Rachel Markle married into the Royal family so her title was a courtesy. They've walked away so quite possibly titles have changed, or the press have taken the decision to rebrand the ex royal couple.
I really don't think that this public relations debacle can be entirely blamed on Ms Markle.

BelleharePenguin09 Fri 03-Apr-20 13:49:40


RosesandIris Fri 03-Apr-20 21:33:19


EineReiseDurchDieZeit Fri 03-Apr-20 21:38:35

Disney+ have released details for a documentary she is voicing

Her title is given as Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex

ArriettyJones Tue 12-May-20 19:52:24

They credited her as “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex” on the charity book reading video too. Which must have been her choice.

I think there is every chance they will lose the Duchy at the one year review. I don’t think this will be going down well at the palace at all.

CafetiereCoffee Fri 15-May-20 08:02:24

I wonder what the book says?

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 20-May-20 18:29:28

As Edith pointed out, Kate is often referred to as KM. Nothing disrespectful in my book about calling her MM. No point reading things, which aren’t even there.

SunbathingDragon Sat 06-Jun-20 21:45:22

I think many of the titles for the spouses are often dropped - Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate etc. I wouldn’t read too much into the press although it’s possible they aren’t too enamoured with Harry or Meghan right now due to their legal action so it’s an intentional dig.

Winterlife Sun 07-Jun-20 07:41:26

@Absolutepowercorrupts, it’s Rachel Meghan Markle, not Meghan Rachel Markle.

Justanotherpenguin Sun 07-Jun-20 08:53:51

I must admit I think of MM by her name not her married title. But MM is the name she chose for her acting career and she talks a lot about female empowerment so I have always assumed she would be happy to be known by it.

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