Peter and Autumn separating

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Ginger1982 Mon 10-Feb-20 22:16:47

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WinnieTheW0rm Mon 10-Feb-20 23:27:42

This news is all over the tabloids, but not in the more serious media yet.

I wonder if she will want to return to Canada? But seeing as the DDs are well settled in Britain, it might not be the best thing to uproot them.

Butterymuffin Mon 10-Feb-20 23:37:00

That's sad. Not good to think kids of that age could end up living so far away from one of their parents. The link above says Autumn does want to return to Canada.

WinnieTheW0rm Tue 11-Feb-20 07:26:31

Maybe the milk adverts will pay for the extra flights, so that two homes can be maintained, with school in one country and holidays split between them

Myimaginarycathasfleas Tue 11-Feb-20 08:37:47

Very sad news.

I also wonder if she will want to return to Canada and the implications of that. Given how Canadians reportedly feel about meeting H&M's security costs, they may not be overjoyed to have another one of our ex-royals to look after.

EdithWeston Tue 11-Feb-20 08:45:12

They don't have security costs though.

They turn up at RF family occasions, but have no working royal engagements. They have been linked with charities, but a minute number compared to even the minor working royals.

I doubt they wouid require any special measures in Canada, as they don't seem to have them here.

SurfnTerfFantasticmissfoxy Wed 26-Feb-20 04:00:36

She won't be returning to Canada - their spokesman stated that they would both remain in Gloucestershire and continue to co parent their children

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