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To think that Thomas Markle is quite right ?

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LidiaM Fri 24-Jan-20 02:30:28

Hi !
I just finished watching The documentary about Thomas Markle telling his side of the story. I just wonder if anyone else on here watched it, what are your opinions ?
I am so confused, I used to like Meghan but her father seems real to me, I would never treat my father the way she does, they truly had an excellent relationship before, Dont get it

CSIblonde Fri 24-Jan-20 02:43:07

But if they had such a great relationship why did he put £ for interviews before her & give her private letters & their texts out. The whole subtext for the documentary was 'give me some money & I'll shut up'. They should just get the NDA ready & do it. As otherwise, once the money from this doc has run out, up he'll pop again. Or, give him a monthly allowance conditional on the signing an NDA.

EmmaOvary Fri 24-Jan-20 02:57:02

YABU. He's a narcissistic parasite. She's done the only thing she can to protect herself. Some people are like cancers, they need cutting out or they will destroy you.

iwunderwhy Fri 24-Jan-20 03:07:14

I agree @CSIblonde. No he isn't right.

Which great father would sell his daughters' story for a few bob? Why does he have all these much older kids who are so hateful to their youngest sibling who they clearly have hated her their entire lives? You bring your kids up to love and protect the youngest not work to destroy them as that wretched, jealous, envious Samantha has done.

He claims he's the victim... victim of what exactly? MM did not just 'dump' him did she? She begged him to walk her down the aisle but he was too busy pimping his story ..about his own daughter for goodness sake. How could he?! Greeeeed and envy.

No man who ever truly loved his child would sell his daughter's story to the media for money - this the second time. EVER. Even if you were on your last penny. ITV will do a great job of painting him as Mr Sorrow to wring every penny out of it, but MM should NEVER ever speak to him again. He has sold that right away. Sometimes you must just walk away for good.
Let him die with that pickled in hate Samantha around him. They deserve each other.

Starksforthewin Fri 24-Jan-20 03:08:36

I think she and Harry made a huge mistake in not offering him support and assistance when they made their relationship public.
He has certainly made mistakes but Meghan has a life pattern of dropping people once they are no longer of use to her. SHE is the classic narcissist in my view.
It will be interesting to see how the court case is resolved and if indeed he does testify.

Ughmaybenot Fri 24-Jan-20 03:11:36

Oh, but you have literally no idea what’s really gone on.
My dad is a lovely man, charming and funny and smiley, and very convincing in his heartbreak that none of his children speak to him. He’s a convincing victim too. He used to hit us, kick us, spit on us, throw things at us, hold us against hot radiators...
I’m not saying the situation is exactly the same, but none of us knows what’s really happened and I’m inclined to reserve judgement.

Durgasarrow Fri 24-Jan-20 03:12:07

Why is he making a documentary? What decent father would do that?

JingsMahBucket Fri 24-Jan-20 03:13:40


I think she and Harry made a huge mistake in not offering him support and assistance when they made their relationship public.

Stop repeating this lie. They did offer him assistance but he refused it. Harry also directly told him not to talk to the press but he did it anyway.

WetPaint4 Fri 24-Jan-20 03:17:33

There are so many posters on Mumsnet who have had to go low or no contact with their parents, for various reasons. But because these people are not famous, they're under very little pressure to justify or explain their decision, they just get on with it. Meghan has stayed very quiet on this issue so we mostly have her dad's whining and stuff he's leaked to judge the situation on.
Whatever people think of Meghan, we all know the media has really gone in on her in recent weeks and her father is not helping. Whatever he's said in this documentary, he's clearly aware it will hurt her and will be spun in a way that again paints her as the guilty party.
I haven't watched it though, is the tone more: "Meghan, I'm here for you if/when you need me" or is it a worldwide invitation to his very own pity party? If it's the latter, it would appear he's done being her dad, he's just playing the situation now for sympathy and dollars.

kateandme Fri 24-Jan-20 03:19:09

sorry,but did you just watch the same documentary!
hes is awful.if your dad acted like him would you want anything to do with him.once again you like all others op dont seem to be even listening or watching the real story behind mm and simply seeing what tyou believe will help you salivate as you bash the poor girl more.
what would you think of a father saying this about your children:"I don't care. At this point, they owe me. The Royals owe me. Harry owes me, Meghan owes me. What I've been through I should be rewarded for.
My daughter told me that when I reach my senior years she'll take care of me. I'm in my senior years now, it's time to look after daddy.”
this man is being paid for this doc and says he will get paid for future things!! This man is a father?
besides all the pther stuff he has done and sold on her.and how he has milked her.and how he has bitched about her.
hes a creep.

Topseyt Fri 24-Jan-20 03:26:51

Sorry, you are talking bollocks. He comes across as an utter shit.

If my father acted like that I would be mortified and want nothing further to do with him. He isn't like that though, and is lovely.

You must have been watching a different program.

DuLANGMondeFOREVER Fri 24-Jan-20 03:27:08

Not everyone has a good relationship with their father. I’m sure mine seems plausible and charming to outsiders too.

I’m fairly neutral on Meghan and Harry but I do have sympathy for anyone navigating complicated family dynamics, especially with the eyes of the world looking on.

TheBewildernessisWeetabix Fri 24-Jan-20 03:33:16

I suppose it is all in your point of view. I think we drop people when they break trust and we realize they are using us. Users rarely ever drop people because they may have a use for them.
That is my experience.

Starksforthewin Fri 24-Jan-20 03:33:18

JINGS your knowledge on the subject is highly unlikely to be any more superior than mine, unless you are going to out yourself as Meghan?

Don’t tell me what to post, it’s not your place to be thread moderator.

This thread won’t last long anyway, Mumsnet always deletes posts/threads that are in the slightest bit critical of MM. This seems to be their adopted corporate stance.

I don’t think Thomas Markle is particularly likeable, and his final remarks about being ‘owed’ were grim. He has shown some of the lies told by MM, not least that she paid for her own University tuition!

missyoumuch Fri 24-Jan-20 03:46:34

No one who actually wanted a relationship with their child would ever do something like this, I'm sorry.

My uncle is horrible to his adult children but is charming to others and has lots of reasons why he is a victim that sound convincing to those on the outside. For example he refused to come to one of their weddings because it was conditional on being apologised to - for what no one knows. Then he told everyone he hadn't been invited.

Brot64 Fri 24-Jan-20 03:55:06

YABVU! It is shocking that Thomas in his own words (she owes me/they owe me) expects his daughter to cater to his financial needs simply because he brought her up. It was after all his responsibility. The height of entitlement both him and Samantha have is disgraceful.

He has cashed in on every aspect of his daughter's life since she announced her engagement, giving one embarrassing interview after the other. He has also admitted numerous lies and now expects forgiveness and sympathy because he and the games he's playing still can't get through to MM. Typical manipulative narcissistic behaviour.

Not a huge fan of MM, however, if Thomas were my father, I wouldn't even attend his funeral. He seems to be an extremely toxic man, who will do anything for attention. NC is best.

Jameelia Fri 24-Jan-20 03:55:52

Whatever you think of MM, her father is a self-obsessed narcissistic nasty piece of work. I can't believe people are actually buying the media's portrayal of him being the victim. Abusers always cry they are the victim and one being abused. Anyone who raised you or was in contact during your childhood can make it seem like you were close. Pictures are nothing. This behaviour is what makes ordinary people go LC or NC with their family. What kind of father says "It's time to take care of Daddy". Sies! Gross! He is a disgusting man and poor excuse for a father. Because people hate MM they are willing to overlook his bad behaviour and excuse it and blame MM and Harry. If you have a good relationship with your father ask yourself if he could ever do this to you or better yet is there anything your own DC can do to make you act like this man? I'm sure the answer is no, so how on earth is he the innocent good day

LangSpartacusCleg Fri 24-Jan-20 03:58:12

I suppose it is all in your point of view. I think we drop people when they break trust and we realize they are using us. Users rarely ever drop people because they may have a use for them.

This. In spades.

joyfullittlehippo Fri 24-Jan-20 04:00:19

IMO he's a pathological liar and an emotional abuser with no interest in any of his children except as walking ATMs, and a lot of his behaviour sends up red flags for narcissistic personality disorder.

Why do we need three more or less identical threads on Thomas Markle?

Meghan has a life pattern of dropping people once they are no longer of use to her.
That really is not true, it's just a case of a lie being repeated enough times people believe it. Name one person she has "dropped": her dad was the one who ghosted her after she stopped giving him money, the one friend who ran to the press ended their friendship because she was angry that Meghan got divorced. She's still friendly with her old sorority sisters/college friends, her old acting colleagues, still best friends with the group of women she's been best friends with for 10-15 years - the ones whose children were bridesmaids, who organised the baby shower. Etc. etc. Apart from the odious Markles and a couple of acquaintances who sold her out to the press, she seems to be on remarkably good terms with almost everyone she's ever known. I'm certainly not still friends with the people I went to college with, and all my old co-workers!

Besides the exact same accusation was made about Kate when she got engaged - for years people threw about the "fact" that Kate didn't have any friends other than her mother and sister, just as they now throw about the "fact" Meghan didn't have a single friend at her wedding (and in this case Kate actually got treated worse, since she was accused of actively bullying other girls, and of trying to force William's friends out of his life, while Meghan has 'only' been accused of cruelly denying people her friendship). It's a very typical tactic to put down women. Society puts a high premium on women being agreeable and sociable, so one of the most common ways to attack a woman is to accuse her of not having friends. Something which is never said about a man, since men are allowed to be lone wolves.

BBInSleepsCounting Fri 24-Jan-20 04:01:43

There are already so many threads on this and related topics. Did we really need yet another one OP?!

Most pps make some good points however, in challenging again what can only be described as trolling, harassment, stalking and bullying of an individual. It does not matter whether you are for or against someone to me, this current level of intense scrutiny and hate peddling is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, rather than delete it as claimed above, the majority is left up. OP, your thread is likely to be moved over to the Royal Family topic by MNHQ, that is all, because of the number of complaints received about these threads, both in content and in clogging up the main boards.

DonKeyshot Fri 24-Jan-20 04:02:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

iwunderwhy Fri 24-Jan-20 04:05:15

@Starksforthewin MN SHOULD stop this thread if it turns into another cyber bullying stream about MM; that is and should be part of their corporate responsibility.

To think there are father's with kids who have committed real crimes and they manage to remain loyal to their child. Under what circumstances is this man Markle justified in offering to sell out his daughter before they even walked the aisle?

And he's owed what exactly?? No parent is OWED care or money from their child. If you get it you are blessed.

No, this documentary is a study of Mr Markle's depraved character AND the media which is begging for some serious regulation.

joyfullittlehippo Fri 24-Jan-20 04:09:04

Mumsnet always deletes posts/threads that are in the slightest bit critical of MM.

You mean the opposite - they always delete threads that are critical of any celeb except Meghan.

MNHQ have made crystal clear that the dozens of overt Meghan-bash threads are not only tolerated but encouraged. There's another eye-opening thread where numerous posters are sharing their email responses from MNHQ (stuff like MN stating their policy is to not remove obviously libellous posts unless the subject contacts them personally, or MN challenging multiple posters for reporting someone with a unique writing style who was clearly a banned troll rather than do an IP check, and being forced to do an about face a month later and admit they'd finally checked and it was the same banned poster).

Or the time they posted a message saying something along the lines of "please be kind and be mindful these are real people" in response to one single slightly negative post about Harry, in a thread with over 300 vitriolic comments about what an evil narc whore and terrible mother Meghan is - none of which inspired a "be kind" message.

MN delete criticism of Meghan? What an absolute fucking joke.

Sunnytimesahead Fri 24-Jan-20 04:14:12

I feel very sorry for Meghan. Her father, half sister and others in the extended family have all sold stories on her. I feel like they are parasites.
Her father should never have gone to the papers, he has done it time after time.
How can she ever trust him again? If she does try and make contact in the future he will probably just tell the papers all about it afterwards yet again. She has to draw a line somewhere. He seems to have no shame and doesn't know when to stop.
Meghan's mother is so classy, she keeps away from the media and has her own life. From what I can see she has a really close bond with her daughter.
I wish Meghan, Harry and lovely baby Archie all the very best for the future.

Reginabambina Fri 24-Jan-20 04:19:01

My father is a genuinely good parent. I could do unspeakable things and still couldn’t imagine he’d ever behave this way. Good fathers don’t go about badmouthing their daughters in the media.

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