The Queen and Australia

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Aussielady Sat 18-Jan-20 23:47:33

I've seen as lot of protests for the Queen to sack Scott Morrison.I know the Queen didn't normally involve herself in Politics but she has done it's once before in Australia.Do you think she will/should.

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IdaBWells Sun 19-Jan-20 02:36:37


SheilaBruce Sun 19-Jan-20 02:57:50

When did she sack an Australian Prime Minister?

Are you referring to Whitlam? His government was at stalemate and the Governor General went for a double dissolution. Bit different to a PM who's a total tosser. If that was the criteria, the Queen (or G-G as her representative) would be sacking everyone.

MaitlandGirl Sun 19-Jan-20 02:59:41

No I don’t. I really don’t like ScoMo ( i voted for the other side) but unless he does something illegal, we need to be left to sort out our own politicians.

He’s a terrible politician, with awful advisors but he’s not bad enough for the Queen to step in.

squeekums Sun 19-Jan-20 03:21:52

I dare say the queen has enough in house drama to deal with....

BagpussAteMyHomework Sun 19-Jan-20 03:24:53

She doesn’t seem to be doing anything to prevent the break up of the Union so I can’t see her getting involved in Australia.

justilou1 Sun 19-Jan-20 03:33:19

Yes!!! She should guillotine the fat, corrupt, bastard!

GlorianaCervixia Sun 19-Jan-20 04:51:01

After Whitlam was sacked by the Governor-General in 1975 the Queen was asked to reinstate him. She refused.

Why anyone thinks she would now remove an elected Prime Minister - one with a majority who can can pass supply bills through the senate - is beyond me.

Scott Morrison is awful but people on Twitter have entered some kind of fever dream if they think the Queen is going to step in.

theyrazedparadise Sun 19-Jan-20 06:01:23

The protests weren't asking the Queen to get rid of ScoMo. Liz has had enough to deal with in the last couple of weeks without our nonsense.

justilou1 Sun 19-Jan-20 10:55:29

There are a lot of twitter pages asking her to

UnmentionedElephantDildo Sun 19-Jan-20 21:11:04

It's inconceivable she wouid act just because someone is unpopular/controversial

stellabelle Mon 20-Jan-20 07:37:21

There are a lot of twitter pages asking her to

I'm not sure that the Queen has started firing prime ministers because some on Twitter asked her to !

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Mon 20-Jan-20 07:42:33

Don't be daft. ScoMo is a prick but the Queen is hardly going to interfere!

justilou1 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:48:39

Doesn’t mean I actually think she pays attention to it... would be nice though... odious little gimp that he is.

theyrazedparadise Mon 20-Jan-20 22:16:34

I am enjoying the fantasy that the Queen kicks ScoMo's arse to the kerb, though. So thanks for the thread! Now whenever I have to hear his lying voice, I can keep myself sane with the Queen.

IAmNotAWitch Tue 21-Jan-20 03:01:51

Scott Morrison is a dickhead. But he is an elected dickhead. I disagree with my fellow Australians' choice of Prime Minister but I might be moved to violence if the unelected head of state of foreign country attempted to remove him from office.

Australia needs to get rid of the entire royal family/Commonwealth connection. We don't need it anymore. They add nothing. It is ridiculous.

SnowsInWater Tue 21-Jan-20 03:45:07

We need to ditch both Queen and ScoMo (but ScoMo first). My firey son is in bits and has just been diagnosed with PTSD after his experiences over the past few months so I am not feeling particularly benevolent at the moment!

StartupRepair Tue 21-Jan-20 04:04:12

Completely agree @SnowsInWater. Your poor son. So grateful to all our fireys.

Casino218 Tue 21-Jan-20 04:21:50

Can she sack Boris too then? In fact she should do that first.

Elindab Tue 21-Jan-20 04:25:20

Ooh! I live in Australia and never even heard a whisper if this. Unfortunately! It would be glorious drama! If only she would.

StartupRepair Tue 21-Jan-20 05:05:19

Our constitution would not actually permit it. People should not have voted him in - he was clearly an idiot with a bad agenda.

janeskettle Wed 22-Jan-20 07:07:14


Hope your son gets a bit of a break soon.

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