Harry and Meghan Resigning - HRH No More

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TheMustressMhor Sat 18-Jan-20 18:42:46

Thread Nine.

How will they react to this?

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The80sweregreat Sat 18-Jan-20 18:45:09

Go Queenie !
She's the boss.

MissEliza Sat 18-Jan-20 18:45:12

I agree the Palace rolled over.

TheMustressMhor Sat 18-Jan-20 18:45:51

Bloody hell.

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TheReef Sat 18-Jan-20 18:45:53

They said they will be paying back the money for the refurbishment of their cottage too

The80sweregreat Sat 18-Jan-20 18:45:54

Losing their HRH is a blow surely?

SuperSange Sat 18-Jan-20 18:46:07

I think this is a win for H&M. Nobody in the US cares about the HRH. If they're the duke and duchess, it's game on for the money spinning.

CatherineOfAragonsPrayerBook Sat 18-Jan-20 18:46:20

*So they're still keeping HRH then?

(well done getting in the new link at the last second @TheMustressMhor)

ajandjjmum Sat 18-Jan-20 18:46:46

Interesting how we can take different things from the announcement. Hope HRH has been taken away not just that they won't use it.

And they're keeping Frogmore???

Clarification please BP.

JacquesHammer Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:11

I’m here to see the amusing frothing ensue grin

katiegoestoaldi Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:34

The Palace rolled. Very disappointing

Conformingtoregulations Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:48

Wow! A cordial agreement or forced??

Selfsettling3 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:50

Who knows, maybe this what they wanted. But you can’t help but wonder if they had done is properly as in spoke to the Queen first would they have ended up with a better deal.

So he is PH nolonger. Just a H.

willothewispa Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:53

That's what they wanted anyway I think, not the cottage money but the titles.

The80sweregreat Sat 18-Jan-20 18:47:55

Will they use Duke and Duchess then but not HRH ?

CatherineOfAragonsPrayerBook Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:02

They won.

I had a thread a few weeks ago saying it was time for PC to take over, I feel that the Queen is maybe too old to do the tough crap like this. And who can blame her?!

Grasspigeons Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:03

I think 'no longer using' means still has. Frogmore cottage is just PR and they can still trade of royal sussex for personal enrichment. It sounds fab. William really got the raw deal.

goldpendant Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:12

Hang on, still Duke and Duchess? Still keeping Frogmore?! No Royal Duties???

Conformingtoregulations Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:21

Why is it a win for them? Surely they wanted to keep the titles?

TheMustressMhor Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:21


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Lisette1940 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:22

Shamelessly placemarking 👑

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:27

I've just checked the BBC site. It is unclear really whether they have been stripped of their HRH or whether they have requested that they no longer be HRH. Either way, the best bit of news is that they are going to repay the taxpayers' money on Frogmore Cottage. That is how it should be.

SeperatedSwans Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:36

No I think the Palace have won. No HRH, not representing the crown when they originally said they wanted to do this.

No royal tours, no world media coverage for free. Now they have to graft to get media attention on that level. Their global brand will collapse without commonwealth tours and such.

US plastic Royals is all they will be.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:41

Good point that it actually says they will no longer use HRH,......so is that technically different to having it removed?

Does it mean they’re still HRH but won’t call themselves HRH/be introduced as HRH.

Guacamole Sat 18-Jan-20 18:48:47

I genuinely read that as they’re just not going to use it rather lose it. Maybe to give Harry a way back in if their marriage ends in divorce.

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