Harry tells Meghan to turn around during the National Anthem

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KnittingForMittens Fri 14-Jun-19 17:02:32

Poor woman looks like she was about to cry sad

I think Harry has had enough. It looks like they've had some sort of bust up before they went on the balcony.


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AnyFucker Fri 14-Jun-19 17:07:06


QuestionableMouse Fri 14-Jun-19 17:07:40

I thought she looked a bit overwhelmed. It's one of those moments that happen to every couple, theirs just happened to be in front of the world.

Samcro Fri 14-Jun-19 17:07:56

oh great , more Meg bashing

Samcro Fri 14-Jun-19 17:09:23

wow doesn't Andrew look old

IShitGlitter Fri 14-Jun-19 17:10:01

Whatever it was she was clearly upset. Having a new baby is tough on any relationship.

Gazelda Fri 14-Jun-19 17:11:45

Jesus, you're reading a hell of a lot out of a small clip and some lip reading!
It looks to me as though he reminded her of protocol. She looked a bit uncomfortable at her faux pas, everyone moved on.
But I might be wrong.
They may be about to announce a split.
She may have given him a battering when they got home for embarrassing her.
They may both be laughing right now at the bloody press speculation again.
They may be wishing (again) that they were just normal bods who unfortunately are part of a wider circus with expectations they have to oblige.
They may be plotting their escape but waiting for the right time so as not to upset people they love.
Who knows.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 14-Jun-19 17:17:31

No one knows what happened before or after. If he was worried how slated she'd be if she wasn't face front for the National Anthem or or if he was mad at her, if she was asking when it would start or asking what he was cooking for tea.
I'm sure 5 seconds of any of our lives could be made to look one of us had had enough

bumble270 Fri 14-Jun-19 17:17:52

I do feel so sorry for her there.
Tbh regardless of anything else that's gone on she's still in the early stages of motherhood, and I think I was still an emotional wreck at that point! I can't imagine the amount of pressure she must be feeling

Wildorchidz Fri 14-Jun-19 17:18:42

Google ‘Queen tells William to stand up’
I’d say they all hate the balcony!!

PortiaCastis Fri 14-Jun-19 17:23:53

Oh FGS more Meghan bashing, it's all rather nasty

Bluerussian Fri 14-Jun-19 17:28:48

I couldn't make out that he was asking her to turn around. No idea what he said. She didn't turn right around anyway, only her head & was smiling.

Mountains and molehills spring to mind. Where there is no issue, one will be created.

Espain Fri 14-Jun-19 17:28:51

I think she looked a bit taken aback but I wouldn’t say she was on the verge of tears

BarryBarryTaylor Fri 14-Jun-19 17:30:08

I don’t think you can tell much from that clip, it feels rather like making a Mountbatten out of a molehill.
I do hate the constant criticism of Meghan. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. Her baby isn’t very old, I think I was still in pjs and scrunchies at this point!

Aberforthsgoat Fri 14-Jun-19 17:31:05

She does look like she is blinking a lot but it could just be hormones!
People are so eager for these two to fail and fall apart aren’t they?

SleepingStandingUp Fri 14-Jun-19 17:31:16

If he was sharp and nearly made her cry a few weeks after she gave birth to their child, surely it'd Harry bashing not Meghan bashing?

IHeartArya Fri 14-Jun-19 17:31:24

Camilla & Charles were also caught out chatting at the start of the national anthem. But the focus is on Meghan, why?

Wolfiefan Fri 14-Jun-19 17:31:55

Maybe she could hear her baby crying? hmm
I would hate to have the whole world analysing every look and word at any time. And so soon after having a baby.

AudacityOfHope Fri 14-Jun-19 17:32:11

Jeez, do you repeat all DM bullshit without engaging any of your faculties?

RomanyQueen Fri 14-Jun-19 17:34:16

I thought the commoners were taught how to behave when marrying into Royalty, a bit like Ladette to Lady, or whatever it was called.
Surely, they can't be expected to know, if nobody teaches them.

PortiaCastis Fri 14-Jun-19 17:37:00

grin grin. @ Mountbatten out of a molehill

justasking111 Fri 14-Jun-19 17:39:36

Like being in a new job, you are bound to get things wrong. It is eyes front when the national anthem is being played apparently. Tired parents can get snappy and emotional.

SoupDragon Fri 14-Jun-19 17:41:23

Why would he be telling her to turn round when he has just been looking behind him?

BlackboardMonitorVimes Fri 14-Jun-19 17:43:12

It looks like probably the baby was crying and Harry was sorting something with the nanny. He seems to say 'it's ok' at first before telling her to turn around. She's away from her DS for maybe the first time in quite a stressful situation. When DS was tiny and making a fuss and I couldn't rush to him I would have made the same face.

CarolDanvers Fri 14-Jun-19 17:45:31

She looked very upset. Poor woman. He basically issued an order and I can imagine she felt humiliated and angry and I think most people would.

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