My son got me thinking about baby Sussex and.....

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Rtmhwales Mon 06-May-19 21:39:28


You pay taxes on the amount over $99K/£75k, and you pay taxes on the whole amount to the U.K. government.

When I lived in the U.K., I paid taxes to the U.K. and filed tax returns for both Canada and the US. Thankfully I didn't make more than the cut off, or I'd have paid double tax. That's why one of the founders of Facebook renounced his citizenship and moved abroad as you're essentially giving money to the US government for no services or benefits in return. Canada has a foreign exemption thankfully.

As for MM, if she's gainfully employed in the U.K. she should be paying taxes - does the royal family pay taxes though? Surely if not, she's exempt. Theoretically she should be paying US taxes on any income, but I'd imagine there's going to be some sort of loophole here because of her status.

Rtmhwales Mon 06-May-19 21:35:29


How do they classify offspring of US diplomats or military posted overseas for this?

It depends on when the person was born. Generally, children born on foreign soil to diplomats can't become president. I believe there was an exception made for Biden and others born in the Panama Canal and similar time frame. Children born overseas on military bases also do not qualify, which had people recently raging at Trump as they're good enough to serve but not good enough for their children to one day be president. There's also the issue with American Samoa right now and it's eligibility.

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:31:05

I assume MM must have to pay US taxes but does she need to pay UK taxes too? It's all very confusing!

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IhavetoD0something Mon 06-May-19 21:21:00

ah, that makes more sense. But suppose you did make over 100,000 (per year?) would you have to pay taxes to the uK and the USA?

AnguaResurgam Mon 06-May-19 21:20:44

Thanks - I thought US citizen by birth was the qualification.

How do they classify offspring of US diplomats or military posted overseas for this?

bamboofibre Mon 06-May-19 21:17:16

Not born on US soil = cannot be a president.

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:16:17

Thank you r....Wales. Interesting.

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Rtmhwales Mon 06-May-19 21:13:50

Also, the taxes thing isn't accurate. You don't have to pay taxes just because you're dual citizenship with America (I have Canadian-American, my DS has British, American and Canadian, what a mouthful) you just have to file a tax return. Anything under circa $99,000USD in income is disqualified. If you make over, you pay taxes on that. So MM will owe taxes, but she may not bother with citizenship for their DS to avoid the liability.

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:12:44

Thanks for clearing that up would have made a good story though!

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Rtmhwales Mon 06-May-19 21:11:13

I'm American. You have to be born on American soil or its territories. That was the whole controversy with Trump demanding to see Obama's birth extricate (speculating he was born in Kenya, ridiculous). Baby Sussex cannot be an American president, ever.

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:10:58

Sky news! Must be a thing then!!

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IhavetoD0something Mon 06-May-19 21:10:56

I think if he paid taxes to America he could be president. My friend's son had to be liable for tax to hold dual nationality but I don't know how that works in reality. He's ten.

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:09:56

I googled it and it said American citizen and there were presidents that hadn't been in the past because they were British colonies......however that was hundreds of years ago. To be fair, I'm not sure.

I love how the mind of my 13 year old son thinks and just thought I would share!

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 06-May-19 21:09:26

Sky news said he could be, presumably just have American nationality.

Artbum Mon 06-May-19 21:08:18

I thought you had to be born in the USA to be president?

RhubarbIsEvil Mon 06-May-19 21:07:45

Don’t the Presidents have to be born on American soil?

spellingtest Mon 06-May-19 21:06:24

......the fact it's highly unlikely he will ever be king (and hopefully that wouldn't happen because that would be as a result of tragedy)

HOWEVER, can you imagine if baby Sussex became an American President. Not completely out with the realms of possibility if he has an American passport.

I'm thinking I should place a bet!

And wasn't Prince Harry just amazing in his interview today? Made me feel so happy, sharing his joy.

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