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Baby Sussex: last chance for a guess?

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GirlRaisedInTheSouth Sun 28-Apr-19 07:39:24

I think it will be born tomorrow, it will be a girl and they’ll call her Rosa Elizabeth.

What’s everyone else (who’s interested) thinking?

NorthernRunner Sun 28-Apr-19 07:43:32

I think they have already had the baby, it’s a boy, and he has a nature themed name

Hairydilemma Sun 28-Apr-19 07:45:15

I think girl, born 1 May and called Helena

EdithWeston Sun 28-Apr-19 07:49:45

I haven't really followed any of the predictions threads.

But I think Rosa wouid be a lovely choice for a girl (with middle names selected from Elizabeth, Diana and Doria, or similar)

I suspect a boy would have a slightly posh but not traditionally royal name Marcus, Piers, Raphael ?

GirlRaisedInTheSouth Sun 28-Apr-19 07:53:09

I accurately predicted Prince Louis, so it would be nice to be right again smile.

RoseAndRose Sun 28-Apr-19 08:15:05

I guess a boy wouid have Phillip and Charles as middle names.

camelstraw Sun 28-Apr-19 14:39:18

I think Aidan for a boy and Isabella for a girl

NoHolidaysforyou Sun 28-Apr-19 23:37:31

I thought everyone knew it was a girl after the baby shower photos?

Anyways I suspect the baby has already been born, is a girl, and they will go with an unconventional/shocking name.

GirlRaisedInTheSouth Mon 29-Apr-19 00:48:40

@NoHolidaysforyou, I did notice a lot of pink at the baby shower but I’m sure they wouldn’t be that indiscreet? Also there was a rumour that she revealed at the baby shower that she was having a boy.

RoseAndRose Mon 29-Apr-19 06:30:31

What sort of name do you see as unconventional?

(Genuine question, doubt anyone wouid find a name shocking unless it was something like Adolf)

Stravapalava Mon 29-Apr-19 06:37:52

I think it will be this week sometimes, it will be a girl and the name will be something like Alexandra, Matilda or Clara. With Diana / Elizabeth and something "out there" like Skye as middle names.

NoHolidaysforyou Mon 29-Apr-19 11:57:10

Hmm I just think they won't choose a name that has been used by the royal family and even though a bit silly, I'm sure some will be a bit shocked by this. I could see them choosing something more American sounding.

Tippexy Mon 29-Apr-19 12:05:23

You’re not allowed to say the baby will be called Rosa; another poster predicted it on a thread and had the post deleted.

JaneEyre07 Mon 29-Apr-19 12:11:09

I think she had it weeks ago - and it's a girl.

After she had all the flowers of the Commonwealth embroidered on her veil and there is talk of them living in Africa, I think it will be a very unusual name for a Royal baby.

Lllot5 Mon 29-Apr-19 12:14:13

What about twins one of each. Liz and Phil

TheSunIsShining19 Mon 29-Apr-19 12:16:17

@Lllot5 😂😂 if that happened, it would make me life!!

I think it's girl born today and Victoria will be in there somewhere!

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 29-Apr-19 12:18:04

I think she's already had it.
But I couldn't even guess my own correctly grin

Lllot5 Mon 29-Apr-19 12:19:15

Sun shining me too smile

NaiceViper Mon 29-Apr-19 13:25:12

If she's already had it, it must have been a few days ago (Orince Harry wouldn't have been at the Marathon, surely if anything s happening or the infant was absolutely brand new.

Middle of the week.

Bound to be a boy because my hunch is a girl and I'm always wrong!

I think the name will definitely be a name IYSWIM (not a random noun)

My guesses:

Victoria, Rosalind, Isabella, Allegra, Grace, Gaia

Jonathan (ka Jonty), Cosmo, Dashiel (because Dash wouid be such a great nickname), Aidan

With Markle as one of the middle names

TheSunIsShining19 Mon 29-Apr-19 13:31:56

Lllot5 honestly that has tickled me!! I just have the image in my head of the announcement being made 😂😂

NorthernRunner Mon 29-Apr-19 13:45:38

They did say they would announce when she is in labour, so maybe it hasn’t happened already 🤷🏻‍♀️ I suppose it depends whether she went into labour in the middle of the night or not...

I am glad they aren’t doing the whole media circus standing on the steps of the Lindo wing, it’s absurd to put a new mom through that pressure

Lllot5 Mon 29-Apr-19 14:22:29

Feels like she’s been pregnant for ages. No doubt she does too. Can you imagine if the baby is called something ‘out there’ daily mail will explode

fleshmarketclose Mon 29-Apr-19 14:30:41

It's 28 weeks since the pregnancy was announced so you would think baby's arrival was imminent. My guess would be a girl Alice Mary Diana but if a boy I think they will go for Henry and Phillip will be one of the middle names.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 29-Apr-19 14:33:30

Boy, Mark Markle-Sussex. Known as Prince Marky-Mark in homage to the Funky Bunch.

OhTheRoses Mon 29-Apr-19 14:36:02

Boy: Jayden
Girl: Nevaeh


I don't know why but I have a feeling it will be born at home.

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