Princess Diana outfits

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travelinterest Wed 14-Nov-18 10:00:30

What was your favourite outfit worn by Diana? I liked the blue and white suit and turban hat worn in Dubai, and a black and white outfit with large hat from a Commemoration service about 1990. Also liked a puffball skirt and blazer from Thailand and the ice blue evening dress and scarf worn in Cannes in France.

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Pavlova31 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:48:43

She always looked elegant but one of my favourites was the purple velvet outfit which she wore on a post honeymoon tour day in Wales.
So many lovely other outfits it is hard to choose 😊
I also liked in Australia when she wore her Emerald choker as a head band instead.
Was interesting to the exhibition about her ( also containing some clothes) at Althorp a few years back.

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