Have you been invited to Eugenie's wedding?

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bobbinsand Wed 12-Sep-18 12:24:58

iIRC the date of announcing the names of the members of the general public was 10 September. FUCK

I applied through the website to attend the wedding as a member of the public. The date for announcing the winners was Monday. 1200 people are to be invited via the open ballot. OFF

I haven't got my jeffing invitation angry

Has anyone got theirs? TABLOID

The caps are to show I'm not a journo fishing for a story. SHYSTERS

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Butterymuffin Wed 12-Sep-18 12:49:14

No, I checked my email last night and NUFFINK. The webpage says you won't be notified if unsuccessful so I guess I'm with you in that category.
There was a thread about it where people said they'd applied - might be worth reviving that to ask if anyone got in?

bobbinsand Wed 12-Sep-18 13:43:56

Thank you - just bumped it.

Am having a sulk now.

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Yoksha Sat 15-Sep-18 15:00:27

I applied. Felt strangely jubilant in expectation. But I had "hee haw " in my email inbox. Gutted am I grin

bevelino Sun 16-Sep-18 08:49:27

The attempt by the York’s to copy Harry and Meghan’s wedding is bizarre. Why would anyone want to stand outside for hours in the cold at Windsor Castle. The guests won’t see the actual wedding and Beatrice just want lots of adoring people outside to wave at.

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