Kate on mums net

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cherrytrees123 Fri 06-Jul-18 21:17:38

According to various media reports, Kate has a mums net account. Don't know how they know or even if this is correct, but interesting if true!

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SemperIdem Fri 06-Jul-18 21:20:37

Why wouldn’t she be? So much advice and support at the tip of a finger.

I imagine she doing worries that she’s doing the right thing by her children, just like any mum

cherrytrees123 Fri 06-Jul-18 21:21:27

No criticising at all, just interested.

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Geordiegirl1988 Fri 06-Jul-18 21:24:40

So what if she does ? She is just a human and a mum like us all . She is no better than any of us

bobstersmum Fri 06-Jul-18 21:28:50

I read this today too! I hope she is, Hi Kate!!

MistyMinge Fri 06-Jul-18 21:28:56

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she has. She has 3 young children after all. I bet she likes to sit in the evening and go through active threads with the telly on in the background, like the rest of us. Hello Kate if you're reading this grin

SpringSnowdrop Fri 06-Jul-18 21:31:25

I would if I were her too, it must be heaven to be anonymous somewhere!

TalkinPeace Fri 06-Jul-18 21:32:47

She does
so what

SinglePringle Fri 06-Jul-18 21:34:13

Why wouldn’t -I- she? Same struggles as the rest of -us- you. Despite what the -fired- Nanny says on the other thread hmm

SinglePringle Fri 06-Jul-18 21:35:30

FFS. One can’t get the bleedy staff hmmangry

WindyWednesday Fri 06-Jul-18 21:36:49

I’m sure she does.

DwangelaForever Fri 06-Jul-18 21:37:17

I like to think she does. Also pippa, I like to imagine her as a random in the October baby bus group haha!

3luckystars Fri 06-Jul-18 21:37:23

Hi Kate, you picked lovely names for your children! Waving

I can imagine her reading and calling Will over ‘The bridesmaid dyed her hair pink!!’ Just like we do.

This thread has made me so happy. Imagine me in the same place as one of the Royal Family! Yay!

Plimmy Fri 06-Jul-18 21:39:25

She probably starts the sweary threads.

And gets ideas for gifts for visiting Heads of State from the Facebook tat threads.

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